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Sunday, September 7, 2014


5am and I can't sleep. Not in the mood to write a proper blog post so I'll just jot down some updates about my current life lately.

1. I've just started my internship on Tuesday. Boss planned to transfer me over to their new company so I didn't have anything to do. Same goes for Wednesday. Thursday Johnny brought me over to the new place. Still nothing to do coz there was only Chin Peng besides the 2 of us, and he wasn't my supervisor or anything. Friday went to work together with Chin Peng, my supervisor (Wei Yin) was there (again, only 3 of us, Johnny wasn't there), so I got some mini things to do.

2. I had quite a happy week especially on Thursday. Johnny is cute and nice and so is Chin Peng. Wei Yin is also nice but since he's my supervisor so he got a bit of 距离感 (nothing to do with age, probably bcoz he's very pro). I haven't met the boss at all. Don't even know what he looks like.

3. I'm single. Still don't feel like talking about it. I keep seeing him in other people, hearing his voice when they talk to me, wish they'd stop repeating what he's told me before.

4. Emo. A lot of pimples lately. Fat face. Very ugly. Insomnia. Feel like vomiting.

5. I'm done with this post.

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