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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Koko Krunch

So I was walking back to my hostel room from the academic block just now, and was feeling quite hungry, so I stopped by INTI Mart to go buy some biscuits or whatever, but couldn't find any biscuits that I liked.
Then I passed by the cereal shelf and saw that a free musical figurine comes inside each big box of Koko Krunch.
But RM10.80 leh. And as a rule I don't really like to eat Koko Krunch that much, and have never eaten it again since about 2 or 3 years ago, when I bought a big box of Koko Krunch just because I saw this guy inside the box.
His right leg can move up and down de leh
But then I got a sore throat and then a fever after eating the whole box in one night. So that's why I never bought Koko Krunch again after that.

But today this one.. hello it's a MUSICAL figurine inside leh.. you're supposed to fill it with water and blow it and it's gonna produce some sort of sound, and when you rub its back it's supposed to produce another sound. Walao! How to not buy?

However, I'm SO PROUD to announce that I did restrain myself from buying the big one. Even though I couldn't resist buying the smaller box for RM6.50 because it comes with a balancing figurine. :/ I bought it just because I was curious about how it would look like (never seen before ma). Definitely not because I'm a fan of collecting free stuff or whatever. Nope.

Oh so that's where my 48kg came from.

Free flask for the same price as no free flask, which would you choose?

Anyway. Here it is.


See got sticker some more leh
But now I'm kinda wishing that I bought the RM10.80 one instead. Musical figurine leh. But RM10.80 and sore throat. I must bear that in mind.

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