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Monday, March 17, 2014

Things are getting too much to handle.
Just finished crying and shouting aloud to nobody "dun kacau me i already have so many things to do u think i'm very free is it".
Schedule for this week is totally packed and i have 1 assignment and 1 test due this week, and 2 heavy assignments due next week. This weekend cannot do any work at all and have to wake up before 7am from Friday to Sunday. Tomorrow whole day totally no time to do anything starting from 8am until about 12am like that. Thursday also no time to do anything and i have a test on Thursday.
And still u are asking me to book this book that, ok fine this is not a problem, but after i already booked the thing for 1 or 2 weeks later u suddenly tell me to change the thing to another thing. And it's not once only but multiple times. U think i very free is it? always so last minute. U think printing and reprinting memos is free is it? I swear i've spent at least rm100 on the printing costs of this club.
I'm not even interested in this stupid tournament wtf drag me in and dun allow me to quit, told me i will have less things to do than last sem! Shit, i can understand if u want to 费心费力 about this thing coz it's ur passion, but i have never even touched a badminton racquet in my life nor do i want to touch the thing!

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