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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Random Pics

Just wanted to update my blog so here's some random pics of toys and me.
Nosey and angpao


Balloon and ET
The balloon was given out for free during Valentine's day and it's still in my cupboard, large as life. And I dunno what to do with it coz it doesn't look like it will deflate anytime soon (at least not before I go for internship in September) and I don't like to burst balloons. And it came with a RM50 Fahrenheit free voucher which is expiring at the end of March.
Super ugly
Super ugly x 2
This is me after crying nonstop for just 1.5 hours. 1.5 hours and I already became like this. Eyebags became white and swollen and i single eyelid until the next day's afternoon nap. -.- I put these 2 pics here to remind myself to never try this again the consequences are really too terrible.

Fully recovered and decided to zilian with dear little HBB. ^_^ He's the only toy I kiss every time I see him, and it's not as if he's very kissable either (too hairy for my preference, i prefer fat white faces like Baby Jack)... it's simply because he's too cuddly and cute.

The haze in Nilai is quite horrible but better today. At least it's breezy today.

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