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Friday, March 28, 2014

Getting so tired of seeing "Haters gonna hate" on various photos and videos all over facebook.
Please la don't be so drama king and drama queen, nobody's even remotely interested in hating you.
Grow up.

And Also. To those China people who keep complaining about Malaysia and Malaysia's Government.
To those Malaysian citizens who are quick to defend themselves by saying "IT'S OUR GOVERNMENT'S FAULT, NOT OUR FAULT, IF WANT TO BLAME BLAME THE GOVERNMENT, WE ALSO ASHAMED OF OUR GOVERNMENT" and sharing stuff like this on the internet (saying how useless our government is, see, even outsiders are scolding our government).
HOW OLD ARE YOU HAR? Don't tell me you didn't watch the video of the Indian Ocean. If you so clever then you go find the plane la?! Walao! And even receiving the help from other countries is deemed as "useless"? Ok lo then why don't you represent our country and go find the plane on your own. Then you'll make Malaysia have something to be proud of. Zzz really feel like unfriending a lot of people lately. Or leaving long comments in capital letters under their posts.

As for the China people i really no comment liao. I know grief can do a lot to a person. But that's no excuse. And I don't believe all of those who are scolding about Malaysia are really sincerely grieving. You just want to cause trouble that's all because you're childish like that.

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