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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Those three chickens have been taking it in turns to crow for the past 20 minutes.
What is there to compete about? U ALL SOUND EQUALLY BAD PLEASE.
They've finally stopped now, which is why i am typing so calmly. Ok comparatively calmly.
But just now they were really driving me mad. Like real mad.
Can't wait to go back to INTI, where there will be NO chickens.
But at the same time i dun wan to leave home leh. I just want those 3 chickens to go die that's all.
Btw, I bumped my shoulder on some really hard and sharp surface this morning, about 2 hours ago, and now it still hurts so much. =.= I dun remember when was the last time i'd felt so much pain, but the moment i bumped my shoulder i really 痛到傻了 just lay still with my eyes and mouth wide open for 10 seconds, like just kena murdered like that. =.= Poor shoulder. :(
Ah well. Nothing like physical pain and beh tahanness to drive the pangs of mild emoness away.
But they're starting to crow again now and i'd much prefer the emoness in exchange.

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