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Saturday, August 17, 2013

New Wireless Headphones

Daddy gave it to me last night.. Original price was RM99.00 but there was a sales discount so he got it for RM69.00.

Actually i think it's quite expensive for RM99.00, because even though there's a so-called built-in microphone, it's really really weak and it's built in the ears there somemore... So if you wear it on your head and talk, must talk very loud only can hear your voice, VERY softly... Even the original built-in mic in my laptop is louder than this...

And this headset is really wireless ONLY, must plug in the USB transmitter (that thing in the middle) only can hear it... So it means that you can't use this headphone to listen to music from your phone or whatever...

But otherwise I'm quite happy with it la bcoz my headphones all rosak-rosak already... maybe it's becoz i'm rough and sometimes do a lot of unnecessary tugging to get them out of my bag, all my headphones get spoilt very fast T.T

This is me wearing it. As usual, please ignore the messy background.

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