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Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Update on previous two posts:
Yesterday finally met him liao. O.O Really difficult to believe that he is the same person who has been making me so frustrated and irritated.. .-.- He is so cute, so short (shorter than me), so small and so shy... Kept walking behind me.... =.= Walao... Like a small boy... I really have no more to say liao... And during the first 10 minutes really so awkward... We kept looking at each other and laughing coz we dun have topic at all n both so paiseh.. =.= 回想起来都想吐... >.<... Lol... Really difficult to believe such a little boy can have such deeply negative thoughts.... Grrrrr...

Oh and btw I finally went to have my long thick fringe cut on Sunday.
Really so different from cutting it myself... as I did at the end of last year...
Come to think of it, it's been almost exactly a year since i went to the hairdresser's. ==
So fast lo seriously.. When i say fast, im referring to the time has flown by so fast.. and also the hairdresser did a very fast job... == 剪了5刀就剪好了... >.< And her skill really so pro compared to mine. T.T

Ya so im going to post a lot of 自拍照 here. get ready.
Posted before. Directly before haircut. 27/7/2012.


Pls ignore ugly outfit, was only trying on for fun coz i was alone at home.== 6/8/2012.



Ignore the dress, that time just bought n no long mirror in my room, so had to take a picture to see how i looked in it. 25/8/2012


3/1/2013. Already some weeks after i cut my own fringe. Actually the main reason why i cut it was because my friend kept saying i was 中间线,so i wanted to change it to 旁边线。==

10/1/2013. Decided to 修理 my fringe again to disastrous results. 


17/2/2013. Much better after pinning it up. ==






Predictably ugly now, but at least there isn't much difference if i pin it up. The reason why i wanted to cut it short was because it was So Thick and Heavy (coz i cut it myself last time without any 技巧 at all), it hangs straight down over half my face if i'm lazy to pin it, and i couldn't even tie a ponytail without looking like the weirdest girl on earth (no pics though).

So. The end. =/

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