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Monday, June 10, 2013


I really really cannot understand why my tears will automatically flow out every time i hear sad songs / i suddenly think of you for no reason / see your newly-updated facebook status / see your photos.
Especially songs... -.- 潘裕文's “针” gets me every time. And 胡夏's “爱都是对的”。And 任贤齐's “老地方”。And so many more.

I don't know why but recently i've been thinking of you a lot.
All kinds of little things can remind me of you.
Like.. last week, it was freezing cold in the computer lab and my hands were so numb, i couldn't even feel or type with my fingers and had to type with the side of my hand. So i tried to warm my hands at the side of my laptop. And then BAM a memory of you entered my mind... You were telling me not to put my hands there coz it was unhealthy... And then the tears immediately came out (yes, in class==) and i had to pretend i was yawning.
I just don't understand.
而且according to your facebook profile and photos,现在的你过得很好,很快乐,有很多新朋友。。。
所以我到底在哭什么== 真的很不明白。。。


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