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Sunday, May 26, 2013


Sem break is coming to an end and I'm currently stuck alone in INTI with nothing to do.
So I took to rereading my blog... Again.
At first I was filled with utter disgust (read blog posts that showed the most ungrateful and hard-to-please side of me)...
Then read blog posts about the time when.. you know.. I felt like the whole world had offended me and I was best left alone.
That time Drama Queen betul!!!
Ewwwwwwwwwwww I'm glad that's all over!!!
And then I actually mentioned (in 2009) that I think I've grown maturer!!!
I mean... During that most immature stage of my life. I said that I've grown more mature.
Ok, I know I say that every time after I read my old blog posts and diary.
And am glad to say that I've finally reached the stage of life where I finally know that I am not mature at all. Is that supposed to be an improvement?

And anyway... Walao eh.. I just discovered Just How Many People I "fell in love with" in 2009!!!!
The worst of all!!! ONE OF THEM WAS ACTUALLY YSJ OMG HOW COULD I HAVE...... HOW.......... HOW........... *mouth wide open in silent screams*
I didn't even know it was him at first, coz I was talking a lot in asterisks* and initials that time... I was thinking for such a long time... who is J? How come I will like him de??? Then I saw a post and finally it hit me.... It Was Him.
THAT WAS SO. SO. SO. HORRIBLE. OF. ME. I know he's quite nice, but still.......
Walao and now... -_________________- ...................
Well... Anyway.... Never knew that he was once on my list. =/

And then... K...
I know I've liked him before, and he also knows it (coz I told him after that -.-) but I never realized just how much until I saw back one of my blog posts in 2010... Walao eh...
And it is also very disgusting la!!!! Not as much as the one above though.
It's disgusting because we were good friends (Internet friends) since end of 2009... Then beginning of 2010, I started to like him... And that lasted for about half a year I think... Until another guy came into the picture.
Then I wasn't sure who I liked.
Then I went and told K that I used to like him and now didn't know whether I still liked him or not.
But he was so nice about it. He told me that “可能你对我的只是好感而已啦,可能你还不知道什么是真正的喜欢,我也不希望你是真的喜欢上我,因为我现在真的不知道要怎么去爱一个人”... Something like that. And after that he asked "Then are we still friends?", And I said "It should be me asking you this question!".
So we're still friends! Until now also... We still chat on Facebook almost everyday...
Seriously 难得, I don't recall ever having such a long-lasting friendship, online or offline! Especially online...
Am really, really, really happy to have the privilege to know such a good friend. Never thought we could have come this far.

To continue...
And then... There are some posts that just make me soooooooooo mortified and want to scream so bad.
My face has been going through some extreme exercise since just now. >_<
Eyes shut tight and mouth open like a frog....

And.... I don't really understand how people could have read my blog regularly last time... It's so full of angry  and emo posts! Every single post was either sarcastically scolding somebody, or grumbling about some very small thing, or self-satisfied to an extreme point, when there was actually nothing to be satisfied about!

And then I didn't even dare to look at the 2011 ones.

End of post coz I'm going to take my bath =P

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