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Friday, January 25, 2013

I realize that I've become a happier person compared to the person when I was while I was in secondary school.
I used to think that that was simply because I've become more 知足。But when I think deeper...nahh it's simply because I've got almost all the physical things I've always yearned for, thanks to Daddy.

1. A camera-phone with a higher resolution. (can take clear pictures, can record clear images and sound.) [Dec2011]
2. A private space of my own. (staying in single room now.) [Jan2011]
3. A laptop. [Jan2011] Laptop bag (backpack type) [2012]! Self-esteem++... though it was expensive. Thanks Daddy!
4. Freedom of meals and mealtimes. (I can eat anything I want and at anytime..which is...constantly..-.-. I used to long and long and long for snacks in-between mealtimes, and now I finally get to have them.) [Jan2011]
5. Coffee / Milo / Coffee+Milo at night. (Drinking coffee used to be such a secret private thing during secondary school, I didn't like people catch me I drinking them at night.-.-) [Jan2011]
6. Keyboard of my own! [Dec2012]
7. Lots of T-shirts now (not L-sized ones) and dresses, and even fitting jeans now, thanks to Dawn. =D this really helped in boosting my self-esteem. -.- I only had like 3 presentable, S-sized shirts in 2010. [shirts increasing since-Jan2011, dresses since 2012, jeans since 2012]
8. Clean environment. (my hostel room. I clean it almost everyday but I've given up on my own home.) [Jan2011, then it became dirty, but then I changed rooms at Oct2012, now I have a new clean single room at Jan2013]
9. Friends. (Not to say I didn't have any during secondary school... but yes, friends which are closer physically but not close to the point of sharing secrets and feelings... I don't like close friends.) and Guy friends. (I mean, just friends. No romantic attraction at all. Impossible not to have any of those though, given the course that I'm studying now. -.-) [Jan2011]
10. An ex-boyfriend. Experience and memory included in the package. I can now fully relate to most songs and dramas and friends' feelings, even though we were only together for 2 months. I can also finally accept the fact that I am not suitable to have a boyfriend. [Apr2011]


Anonymous said...

In a way, you're actually cute~ ;)

MLMX said...

haha thanks stranger