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Monday, October 8, 2012

new room new block new life new temperature

Wintertime for me lately. @_@
Not because of the air cond lo coz it's not even switched on.
But because I've been so used to the stuffy single room that I used to stay in. T_T

Where to start from?
Anyway, here are the things that I had to move on Saturday.

So kong bu. Wish I hadn't decided to bring all my rubbish along.
Rubbish = Notes and exam papers and exercises accumulated since January 2011.
I just always had this feeling that they would "come in useful somehow"... -.-"
Well, now I am still aching whenever I even change my clothes or take a bath. zzzzzz.

And my ARMS.
After finally moving everything, I sat down and felt my arms....
Now also super hard!!!
Dunno whether it's muscle or whether it's just swollen.
My friend touched it today and she was :O too.
She said if everybody were like me then Inti's gym can zhap lap liao LOL.

Anyway, my roommate wasn't here when I arrived.
And she still isn't here!!!
Must have gone home for the weekend and maybe she doesn't have class on Monday.
I'm still so nervous leh haven't even introduced ourselves summore.
However, she was very nice. She left this note on my board:
Please do not leave your shoes outside. Mine got stolen a few days ago. There were a lot of people who got their bras and shoes stolen.
 Ya so I think maybe she doesn't dislike me. :P
And her stuffed toys got suchhhhhhhh a lot. @_@
Bunbun can make new friends liao...

I thought the worst part was over, but I just realized that the worst part was actually unpacking. -_____-
I thought that twin-sharing rooms would be bigger compared to single rooms (coz my friends in block D and E really had big rooms), but yuan lai the space is So Limited. -___-
I suddenly remembered someone in Block C told me that his room was really very small, and I thought he was kua-zhanging only...yuan lai it is really small. -.-

Drawers also small!! Overflowing.

Oh and one more thing... this block doesn't provide any places for you to wash your clothes!
Although there IS a washing machine and a dryer upstairs.
And furthermore I dun have a clothes rack(晒衣架) leh coz before this I just used to hang my clothes on a line in the room or on the lines that were provided outside our rooms in Block G. :(
So I washed my clothes in the bathroom and hung them like this.

Ya this is the cupboard. Super small!!! Like refrigerator only.

But one thing about here is that it's so CLEANNNNN!!!!
I mean...ok... I had to clean up the floor on the first day I was here coz it made the soles of my feet Dark Gray (my roommate unfortunately wears bedroom slippers so she can't feel the stickiness of the floor).
But other than that, really clean lo.
My previous room dunno why seriously dusty de.
Not my fault coz I did clean it.
But...dunno la, morning clean liao at night jiu dusty again... -__-
Oh and the bed is springy!!!! weeeeeeeeeeee... *bounce bounce bounce*
My previous mattress was one of the few that wasn't springy, and summore it had a big dent in it coz I used to stand on it to be able to look in the mirror. -__-
Coz that time I hung my mirror on the wall opposite my bed.
Actually before that I used to put my mirror on the table de, but after breaking 3 mirrors in less than 2 months, I decided not to risk it anymore.
However, now that I'm not living alone, it would be just too weird to do so, therefore my mirror is sitting tentatively on the table now.

Btw, the toilet here is seriously smelly. -___-
And the people here are much more open and friendly than the people in Block G.
They just randomly talk to you although you don't know each other.
And the first time I entered the bathroom to take a bath, there was a girl singing at the top of her voice.
Although she didn't really have a sense of rhythm, and kept changing keys, her voice was really quite sweet.

Erm what was I going to say.

Oh ya.
I'm really not used to not sweating when I reach the class leh.
Usually I will be sweating all over de like I just came out of the rain or something. And my neck will glisten until very geli. -___-
But now I've moved to the frontmost block, and ground floor summore, so it's a very short distance to the academic block.
Dunno whether it's a good thing or bad thing.
For one thing it's definitely not as healthy, and for another I'm really cold leh recently. -______-

Now the fan is switched to 1, and the air cond is off, but I'm still wearing a thick sweater and feeling so cold.
If my roommate come back liao and she likes to use the air cond I really dunno how lo.
And the fan was at 5 when I first entered the room. :(

Btw this week is really a crazy week.
2 assignments 2 tests and 1 proposal due.
Can't believe that I've already finished both of the assignments before the due date. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
2moro got a Japanese test but I haven't touched it yet coz no mood and too cold liao.
And I single eyelid today!!! >_<
Coz last night I didn't sleep (doing assignment), until this morning 7++ only slept for 3 hours, then when I woke up my eye became like this liao. T_T
So ugly.

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