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Friday, October 5, 2012

Those 2 Cardboard Boxes

that Accommodation Office provided are soooooooooooo BIG AND HEAVY!!!
walao... pls la v r not Superman leh!!!!!!
I even had to stop and rest while carrying them from the office back to my room. T_T
This is my room last night before I went to sleep:
Went to get the boxes today...
C i can sit down so comfortably inside it... -___- wan 2 sleep also can...

When folded up (like the one beside the cupboard), it's taller than my chest... -_____-

Srsly i hv no idea how they expect us to move it downstairs.
N i hv no idea how i'm gonna do it too but from past experience, I know that actually I am quite maybe i can manage it somehow but i can forsee that i'll be sooooooooo freaking tired after that.
Next week is also a horribly tiring week with 2 assignments 1 proposal 1 test due....

Update 6/10/12:
Oh almost forgotten to mention that I will be staying with a complete stranger in Block A which is quite a distance from my current block (Block G). And she didn't look all that happy to see me either when I knocked on her door yesterday afternoon, waking her up from a deep sleep. T_T Somemore it is air cond room leh I dunno how my nose and skin are going to tahan it. haiz.
Am going to move over later in the day, and sleep there tonight.

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