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Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Last Friday - went home.
Daddy had hurt his tongue so he very xin ku when eating =S So kesian.
Last Sunday night - mid autumn, the moon was so big and yellow and round!!!!
Never seen a moon like that before except in pictures. @@
And it was hanging so low too.

Monday evening - attended a briefing.
Coz they were going to renovate our hostel blocks (Block G and Block H).
Block G is for girls and I'm staying there, whereas Block H is for boys. And both blocks are single-room blocks.
So they told us there that the renovation would start at Block H, and we (girls) only had to wait until November or so when the renovation was done at Block H, and then move into Block H, and Block H would become a girls' block, and Block G would become a boys' block.
So the girls happily went back.

Monday night - went to BBQ for the 1st time in my life that I can remember :P
Actually saw a real BBQ pit @_@.... ya i've never even seen one before coz I'm zi bi like that.
And I just learnt that you actually need to spread butter on the meat before you barbeque it...
N... really learnt a lot of things la...for example it is very difficult to make the coals burn...
However, I was extremely useless throughout the whole thing la coz all also other ppl 烤 for me 1.
Luckily certain guys were really so very gentleman to the extent that he/they were like just standing there and 烤-ing and serving to everybody all the time. @_@ After a long time only they 舍得自己吃。
Summore they also prepared all the meat (stuck them on sticks) and there were really A LOTTT I tell u.
nah. And there were only like 10 people to finish them all. -__-
And they kept telling me to eat more eat more... walao... and actually I so paiseh to eat coz I was like just standing there and eating and talking and contributing nothing.. ><
And there were 3 cats around the area who were involved in a sad love story that I won't elaborate on here.
Anyway I really enjoyed myself that night even though the moon was very dim.
That feeling of... belonging... doesn't really happen to me so often, but it did on that night. :) (p/s: my leng zai wasn't there, so he wasn't the reason ok.)
After everything was finally eaten (all that meat + the very 伟大 guy's dad's birthday cake + some 麦芽糖s),   we originally planned to 提灯笼, but after that changed our minds.
(btw that time was already 12:30am. @@)
So we just walked around and behind all the hostel blocks.
They call that place 豆腐街 coz there are a lot of couples who like to appear there late at night.
At 1st the 伟大guy (i'll just call him WD la) said “带你们去走一个很刺激的地方”, then I didn't get him and said “做么刺激哦?”,then he laughed and said “哎哟你酱单纯你不懂的啦”... then I understood it almost immediately. -____-
To tell the truth, I had walked there for countless times last year lo.
If he knew that he confirm wouldn't call me 单纯 anymore. -_-
But none of them knew that, and I didn't feel like telling them anyway.
Then they kept joking about the couples they had seen there before..
And I becoming steadily emo-er as all the memories flooded back.
Every lamp post...every tree....the cars....
All reminded me of last year. !@#$%^&*
Actually last year's Mid-Autumn Festival I also walked there before de, but last time almost half the school were there as well ma, and everybody was really holding tanglungs, and not joking about couples. -.- So I didn't think so much at that time lo.
>< I really never will go and walk there again, the horrible horrible place of memories.

Tuesday - nothing much to talk about.
Except that we were informed at night that there had been an urgent change of plans and they would be renovating the front half of Block G at the same time as Block H. And there would be a 2nd briefing today.

Today - 4:30, swimming pool.
Btw it's the first time that I've actually been inside the swimming pool area (and I've been in INTI for almost 2 years now @@).
They had to have the briefing here because the other places were all unavailable.
The swimming pool area is really nice though.
Except for the fact that at the entrance they have 2 turnstiles (the height of a normal door) next to each other, and dunno why I so noob and bumped my nose on it each time I went in and went out. -__-
But the swimming pool is really nice leh, I haven't been to a swimming pool in years, and I'd forgotten how the water used to lap against the edges, and the calming sound of the water.

But Back To The Point.
Firstly, we(the front half, yes I very "luckily" happened to be in the front half) had to move out by next Monday.
Secondly, there were over 100 girls.
Thirdly, there were only 7 single rooms available.
Fourthly, there were about 30 empty twin-sharing air-cond rooms available, so we could also choose to share among ourselves. (but I no friends in block G leh)
Fifthly, there were also around 10++ empty twin-sharing rooms without air-cond, without roommate.
Sixthly, the rest of us would have to put up with twin-sharing rooms with ready-made roommates inside, with NO REFUND OF FEES coz the rooms also had air-cond whether we liked it or not.

So it was decided that we draw lots to get the type of the room that we prefer.
Fair enough.
But the unfair part was, international students were given first priority!!!!!
Anyway I dunno what rooms they got la wasn't really paying attention at that part.
So the ones who had already decided their own roommates (about 60 of them gua) drew lots and then left happily.
And there were still a lot of us left, all of which whom wanted to stay alone in a room.

And then, last sem students and students with "medical problems" were given second priority!!!!!!
They are still required to submit an MC, but the point is they got to draw lots First compared to the rest of us.
Excuse me lo!!!
What medical problem requires you to stay in a single room?? Har? HAR???!!!!
ME the girl with horrible skin problems on her body also diam diam sit there liao lo.
Do you know I often have to take off my clothes just to scratch myself all over?? (ok please forget this part)

Especially that girl ar!!! The one staying in the room beside the one directly opposite me!!!
I always meet her in the toilet.
She's either bathing for one hour, washing her feet in the shower cubicle, brushing her teeth in the shower cubicle, or spitting loudly in the shower cubicle. Or just looking at herself in the mirror for a long time.
I'm not trying to be mean or anything ok!!! But I think the only medical problem with her is that she has an extreme 洁癖 lo, I never see her using the sink even though it is cleaned daily together with the whole toilet.

And the girl staying next to her!!! My ex-classmate!!!!
She told me that she was "last sem" because next year she wanted to change to INTI Subang.
And happily went over to draw lots.
And left with a happy smile on her face. !@#$%^&*(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I mean I really like her usually, but today really....I really want to call OneFM and shout I REALLY VERY BEH TAHAN AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!

Somemore us leftovers were the ones who waited until 6:20.....


And the guys in Block H all had sufficient single rooms to move into!!! Some were even relocated into Block B (the mostestestestest 豪华 block ever)!!!  

Anyway so by the time the honest leftovers (us) were finally allowed to draw lots, there was only one single room left, the rest were all rooms with roommates. 

So I called my friend and asked her if I could stay with her.
And she said okay ar but didn't really sound very happy. T_T
Btw I dunno whether it's because she's sick, or she just had a quarrel with her bf, or she just didn't want to stay with me...
And I asked her her room number, but forgot it almost immediately after I hung up, and had to ask again......

By that time almost everybody had left, and the person in charge there (the one doing the briefing) told me that he would have to check whether somebody had already chosen that room... :(

So..... hope tomorrow brings good news.

Anyway I will be staying on the fourth floor of another block, and I have one weekend (two days actually) to  clean and pack all of my dusty stuff (how I shudder to think of it!!!), and somehow move them downstairs without tumbling down myself (I'm always scared of carrying big things downstairs coz I can't see my feet), and walk all the way to another block and walk all the way to the top floor of that block.
And put the things down, and go back to my own block, and repeat the same process again countless times. =X
Wish I hadn't brought so many things over...
Especially the coffee and biscuits and milk and stuff..
And all the books and notes left over from last year...there's such a huge pile of them, should I throw them away or keep them?
And two full drawerfuls of things...
And that shaky dusty mirror on the wall...
and 6 pairs of shoes...
and 3 more pairs that I need to throw...
and the bag of so many rolls of toilet paper...
And pillow and bolster and blanket and bunbun and baby jack....need to wash all of them before I move them summore....
and allllll my water bottles (6 in total)...
and lots of stationary and books or have i said that already...
and electrical appliances like hairdryer, iron, laptop, laptop fan....

And I don't even know where I can hang my clothes now....

And what time I'm supposed to sleep, and not supposed to wake up... and supposed to wake up...
If I'm really staying with that friend, then I'm better off la, coz she's almost always at her bf's house (her bf is also my classmate)....but if not..........
I guess I'll be spending most of the time outdoors...


Btw I saw Big-Round-Eyes twice today, I haven't seen him in such a long while!
The second time was by the swimming pool, so I'm kinda glad I went there after all.
But this is really off-topic, I'm supposed to be beh tahaning right now.

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