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Sunday, September 2, 2012

New Semester

So this is the final semester of my first year in degree (at least, I hope so).
I am taking SIX subjects this sem.
Even though I am 100% sure that I will be going crazy very soon (especially when all the assignments and tests come together), it is also certain that I will be learning a lot this sem.
There are 4 main subjects, 1 language, and 1 soft skill.

The language I'm taking is Japanese, and the lecturer makes sure that we learn it by asking us to speak it out loud in turn. T.T (i sound so horrible, it's even worse than my bm and cantonese)
The soft skill is Personal Financial Planning. I wanted to attend the class last week, but there was a problem with our timetable. Most of the students arrived at the classroom with the lecturer in it, but the others (including me) were at a lecture theatre. And then we waited and waited. -_- I did try calling my friends, but the Digi line was coincidentally down at that time (my friends using digi, not me). So there were my friends at another classroom, and there was me and the other classmates, thinking that the lecturer and our friends had put our aeroplane. -_- zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

As for the 4 main subjects, the 1st one is Object-oriented Programming, in which we will be learning Java. IT LOOKS HORRIBLE FROM WHAT OUR LECTURER SHOWED US.
2nd one is Enterprise Resource Planning. It's an SAP subject. Sorry to say this but I still dunno what is SAP even after I'd attended a 2-hour forum on it last semester. ><" And somemore this lecturer has the habit of asking questions during the lesson, before he even teaches us on what it is. And he calls people according to the namelist, so there's no chance of being skipped. The poor lengzai is the first name on our class list, so he got called many times (sometimes the lecturer forgets where he has got to and just starts from the first name again), luckily he is so clever. ^_^
Btw, this subject (ERP) was the first class that I was supposed to attend, on last Thursday. And I had really dutifully walked from my room to outside the classroom door. Sadly, after seeing only one lecturer and one student inside the classroom, I misunderstood and took it for granted that they were having an extra one-to-one tuition class, and were using our classroom just because it seemed to be empty. Mana tau I discovered later that the lecturer really was my lecturer (after a description from my friend), and that was really my class after all. -.-"" Zzzzzzzz made me think that I had gone to the classroom for nothing, yuanlai I had gone there and left there for nothing.......

The 3rd subject is Systems Analysis and Design. I also should have attended this class on the first day, but I was still feeling bu shuang after my "useless" trip to the classroom earlier in the day, so I decided to go to sleep instead of attending the class. Zzzzzzzzzz. Then the 2nd time we had this class was on 8am Wednesday (a few days ago). Nalizhidao the lecturer never appeared. -.- They were having a dunno-what training, I think. Our Programming lecturer had informed us of this training on last Friday, but we didn't know that the SAAD lecturer would be going to it as well ma. Anyway, the 3rd time (which was Thursday), we finally saw her. usual, I was late for class. About 10 minutes or so. The scary thing was, I could hear her voice a few classrooms away. @_@ Really loud.
Ok, here comes the lucky part. Our classroom for this subject is a computer lab, and it isn't designed in the way as the usual computer labs either. It's more grand and beautiful, and is more circular than rectangular.
That is, it looks more like a coffeeshop than a classroom. Imagine that there are 3 computers on each round table.
So there was the lecturer, sitting on one of the round tables next to the door, with her back facing the door, talking nonstop. And my friend also happened to be sitting at that table, but the lecturer was facing the other way and couldn't see her.
Aiya I draw out better la.
The yellow triangles are chairs. The red dot is the lecturer with the big voice. The blue dot is my friend. And just for fun, the grey dot is the lengzai... -.-
So after knocking apologetically on the door, I noiselessly opened it and tiptoed over to the table.
I actually considered sitting on the chair right next to the lecturer (as I said, she was sitting on the table), because I knew that the other one was shaky (I sat on it the day before and nearly fell off), but luckily I didn't dare to, and sat gingerly on the problematic chair instead. Btw, when I entered, most people was looking at me (including the leng zai!) but miraculously the lecturer never even noticed me. @_@ How do I know this?
Because after a few minutes, there was a knocking on the door again (much more louder than mine), and 3 of my friends entered, and the lecturer swiveled around to look at them, and the first one said "Sorry Miss, late already...". Then she suddenly burst out scolding "WHAT TIME IS IT NOW NEXT TIME IF YOU WANT TO BE LATE YOU DON'T ENTER MY CLASS BLABLABLA". And I was like O_O"""". And I mouthed to my friend (the lecturer still had her back to us) “刚才她没有看到我啊? ” and my friend mouthed back “应该没有!”. Our places were super convenient, we had a lot more of mute conversations behind the lecturer's back (though all fully related to the subject). Anyway, she is a super kongbu lecturer, and she wants us all to have printed out the lecture notes and have them filed together, and to have a copy of the textbook by the next class, "if not you don't enter my class". =X
After the class, my friend told me that she had altogether scolded 3 groups of people for being late (my leng zai included). @_@" Walao luckily she didn't notice me. Silence is golden! And I'll never be late for her class again. -.- Btw there seems to be quite a number of students retaking the subject..... O.o oh no oh no...
Erm... and also, due to the way we were seated in the classroom, I had a lot of accidental eye-contact with the lengzai >< make me happy until now... XDDD Or maybe he was just looking at the lecturer and I was just thinking too much la, his small eyes were hidden behind his glasses anyway.

Okok the final subject is Graphic Design and Animations.
It's a Multimedia subject and I wouldn't even be taking it if they hadn't just gone and changed our school's partner university. Now we're all classified under Computer Science, and the first year is just like a general foundation for us, and we get to choose our specialization track 2nd year onwards. Still debating whether to switch courses or not...
Anyway the lecturer is really very very very pretty!!! And she told us that usually people wouldn't put both Graphic Design and Animations into one semester, but study it separately. Means we have to learn extra fast lo. We have to learn both Photoshop and Flash (2D animations).
We learnt a bit of Photoshop last class, but I've forgotten most of it except for the re-colouring part.
Daddy helped me to install Photoshop just now. (yes i am one of the few people who does not - sorry, did not - have Photoshop in my computer) ^_^
Therefore, here is BunBun pretending to be a poisonous toadstool wearing contact lenses.
Frankly speaking, he looks hideously disgusting. Sorry BunBun. I wish I hadn't picked such a luminous shade of pink. -.-
Anyway I am not planning on specializing in multimedia so it doesn't really matter.


Gail said...

Love poison buns!

MLMX said...

looks like he got splashed with watercolour LOL