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Thursday, August 9, 2012


Both subjects A, 4.0 again! =)
But I don't have any real sense of satisfaction, coz I know that it's not my true results. ><
Erm I dunno whether I've posted it here before and after that removed it....but actually my coursework marks for Subject 1 should be lower.
Bcoz when our coursework marks were released, my test marks were both extremely high (calculated as 10% for each test, total percentage is 20%).
Especially test1, 95 marks!
And the marks were same with the person above me on the namelist (and he's a genius).
I knew that it was next to impossible for me to obtain such high marks (coz I thought I would be getting around 50 like that-.-) so I asked the lecturer to check again, and he said "y u dun wan high marks?"...then after that he said he checked liao and it's correct, but I suspect he's just lazy to change the marks. -_-
So my coursework marks were quite high, 48.7% / 60%.
So it wasn't really that difficult to get A.

As for Subject 2, there was only one test (worth 10%), and I got 85 marks for it.
And I really dunno how that happened.
Coz that test was the one test that had made me really, really dejected and disappointed with myself, feeling that I was too useless and too lazy for words, and I was super emo after it.
The test paper was divided into 2 sections, the first one (40 marks) was filling in the blanks and I could do most of the questions but not all, and the second section (60 marks) consisted of 10 questions. The horrible thing was, I thought only a few questions would be coming out from Chapter1, so I studied Chapter2&3 instead (all html coding), and only glanced through Chapter1 on the day of the exam, not even bothering to memorize anything.
And all the questions (6 marks each) in the second section came from Chapter1.
So I answered some of the questions with what I could remember from the quiz that we had had in class, and invented the rest of the answers and even a diagram.

So my conclusion is, our lecturer (coincidentally same one for both the subjects) gives marks for anything you write, as long as you've written something.

Erm.....anyway...happy la :)

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