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Monday, August 6, 2012

please la...

Please can you stop being SO DAMN GELI?????????????
Am I not being obvious enough?????????????????????????
Isn't it plain that I am totally not attracted towards you??????
If you say you're being hacked, I will happily believe you.
Sadly you're not!!! -_-
Please la!!!
Not replying your sms, never replying any of your facebook messages (except that time when I was in a good mood)...walao pls get the message and jangan kacau already la plsplspls!!!
Please remember!!! I have changed a lot since 2008 and 2009, and especially after 2011!!!
I am no longer that stupid 饥不择食 16-year-old that I was!!! -_-!!!!!

更何况我已经有了暗恋的对象了。。。而且还总共梦见了他5次。。。上个sem break 3次,这个sem break 2次。。。
然后我真的很喜欢这种感觉。。。给到我一种觉得自己很单纯的错觉(其实我知道这个叫变态)-.- 哈哈哈。。。没有啦,因为现在的我真的跟14岁的时候很像。。。很专一地喜欢着一个非常非常非常遥不可及的对象。。。只因为一个很肤浅的原因—— 因为第一次见到他的时候就被他电到了。因为他。。。真的很酷很帅很干净(指长相)。。。 哈哈哈。。。不知不觉已经8个月了!=D

Erm...-.- I also dunno why every blog post recently seems to lead to him....hehehe....
But as a security measure, I moved the previous posts about him, and the parts that had him in it (links to facebook photos and descriptions about his identity) to another blog. hahaha
Because...I dunno why, even though I changed the settings for this blog to be unable to be discovered by search engines, it still pops up on the front page in google if I type "Mable Lee Mei Xin blogger",or my email address. I'd already removed all the posts with my name in it, and even the Facebook badge on my blog, but it still happened. 
Then I tried changing my blog url, but the Nuffnang ad also couldn't detect my blog already so I decided that it was too much of a bother, and put my Facebook badge back....and just moved all the dangerous information. ^_^ Lol hope none of his friends ever discovered my blog before I removed all those posts....if not.....i really 要完蛋了。。。
I admit that I dunno what went wrong with me....posting links of his face on THIS blog....and adding such geli details... -_- But nobody in INTI (at least nobody that I know of) knows that I have a blog ma.And also,  I believe nobody views my blog nowadays (apart from my sisters) because...I dunno, maybe because blogging is just not that popular anymore. Or I've exceeded a certain age (graduated from secondary school). ^_^

ANYWAY. Bunbun is really cute!!!!!!
He's such a!!!!!! Even though he's already 5 years old. 
And Bobby is even better!
He is so nice to kiss!!! And he never complained even though I put his shirt on inside-out!!!

And I'm starting to neglect Baby Jack. =P

And I miss HunnyBear VERY MUCH!!!!!!!

- the end -

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