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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Oh I broke my promise

True Story -_-: promise: I, Mable Lee Mei Xin, hereby promise that I am going to cut my hair short once I successfully slim down to 42 kg

LOL I just saw this old blog post that was posted by myself, 3 years ago.
A me whom had sincerely believed that I would be 42kg once I was 17 (because of SPM stress and countless nights spent on studying instead of sleeping).
In the end I was even heavier after SPM, coz I didn't study... -.-"

Anyway I broke my promise XD
I am still approximately 46kg, but my hair is short. =P

Btw the lizard has finally stopped ticking now but it's making other occasional noises. (refer to previous post if you dunno wat i'm talking about)

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