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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Mating Season

For the lizards in the bedroom.
I'm so sick of hearing a weird "ticking" noise and looking up to see a lizard waving its tail stiffly (and weirdly) back and forth.
Or hearing them screaming while chasing each other around (same with the chickens).
Please la you are not human also.
Why can't you just stay put and have silent sex with your partner.
Instead of running about like you're scared of being raped, when in fact you do it N times a day. -_-
And as for the "ticking" noise and weird bending of tails, at least wait until another lizard (of the opposite gender) appears before you start to do it can or not?
Very annoying leh.
Super annoying!!!
Wan sleep also cannot.
There's a lizard behind the curtain (I can see its shadow) ticking away as I'm typing this. Tail and all.
And he has been ticking since a long time ago. Until I beh tahan him and started to blog about him.
And he is ALONE. No other lizards around also. I presume they're all outside having a happy valentine's day.
Seriously I hate lizards, very very much.
Luckily the giant lizard doesn't appear until at night.
Btw I'm very it that giant lizards have a very long lifetime (grew up seeing a giant lizard coming out from behind the same dressing table), or are they of a different species and those I have been seeing are just descendants instead of the same lizard?
Anyway that horrible lizard is STILL TICKING AWAY.
BunBun hates him too.
And BunBun & Baby Jack both took a bath yesterday. =) Coz BunBun was getting dusty again (could feel it by just putting my hand on him), so I threw Baby Jack in to keep him company.
Actually Baby Jack didn't need a bath, coz I played with him everyday and so he wasn't really dusty.
He's got such a fat white face  =D can't resist kissing his face everytime I see him.
Even though we've divorced already.
(completely ignores minnie bear)

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