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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My "Type"

I dunno why, but every time anybody asks me about which type of guy I like, the only description I can think of is "he must have small eyes". -_-
Actually I don't like guys just because they have small eyes.
In fact, I do admire guys with big and beautiful eyes.
But it's more like....coincidentally, all the guys I have crushed on before have small eyes (internet friends excluded. oh and all my stupid ai-mei relationships with internet guys happened in 2009, the worst year of my life. i shudder to think of the 16-year-old me-.-).
And that's saying something, because, being the extremely Hua Xin person that I am, I've crushed on a lottttt of guys.
1st one, in 2007. Small eyes.
2nd one, in 2008. Small eyes.
3rd one, in 2008. Small eyes.
4th one, in 2010. Small eyes.
The guy in 2011 has double eyelids, but...I don't think I ever actually crushed on him for who he was.
I mean, of course I did an-lian him since February, but that was only because he would find me to chat on Facebook everyday...and I think I just couldn't resist the attention, and I didn't know that he was treating everybody else the same as well. Happy to say that I've finally grown out of this now, tested and proven. =.= Erm so the 2011 guy is classified as an Internet Pal. Coz we never really talked before April, when we ya.
Now in 2012, he has small eyes as well. ^_^
There are much more better looking guys than him around me, but dunno why I just like him only. hehehehee.

Oh...and if you are observing the timeline above and wondering why 2009 seems to be empty of small-eyed crushes, please do not be mistaken. The 3rd crush lasted until the end of the year 2009, until he graduated. And in between, there were about 4 to 5 internet buddies....that I "liked" and that "liked" me back as well. Oh and there was MNP too!!! A chubby guy with really big round eyes, who was in the same Add Maths tuition class as me. Ok he's excluded from the big-eyed group.

WHAT A TRULY HORRIBLE PERSON I AM -.- I haven't even listed out the ones which I had a "very little bit" of feelings towards.

Conclusion: I like small eyes.

Baby Jack is happy. ^_^ BunBun is not.


Cupcake Princess said...

Okay I must say this.


Because of their eyes? Arrrrgh! Baby Jack has CROSS eyes! That's not even Classified as small!!!!

*sayang Bun bun~

MLMX said...

Baby Jack has +_+ eyes ma! Small la!!! Bunbun has enormous eyes. O_O Btw they both so cute lately!!! I hug them everyday. ^^

Gail said...

I WANT THEM! Btw do you know I have another Eeyore for my Birthday?

MLMX said...

WHAT?!?!?!?!?! Same one ar? or less irritating (*hopeful @_@)?

Joe Fai said...

So long never see ur blog, never though you'd be this... um... fa xiao ady >< anyway, it's kinda funny and new to me XD

MLMX said...

lol i memang like this one since 4 years ago :P