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Monday, July 30, 2012

Haircut and randomness

Erm first of all I got my hair cut short on Friday.
Of all the hairstyles in the world.
I chose 平装。
Now I look like the Form 1 mushroom that I was 6 years ago. T_T Only about 8kg heavier.
Worse still the hairdresser cut my fringe too short. T_T
I was horrified when I looked into the mirror.
While the short fringe doesn't look too bad with a ponytail, it does not go well at all with my mushroomish head. :(
I look like a 春姑,whatever that is.
So I tie my hair up whenever I go out now -.- Ya it's still long enough to be tied but the "bunny's tail" is very short lo.
Right before haircut T_T:
Ok I miss my long hair.
But I won't deny that it really needs a cut.
Look at the ends, they're so horrible!!!
The main reason I cut my hair was because I wanted to grow it back, thicker and healthier than I regrets....
Hope it grows back fast, before classes start again.

I didn't cut my hair short on the spur of the moment, as many people might have done.
In fact, I've been considering it for a few weeks already.

How I thought I would look like:

How I thought the worst would be like:

How I wanted to look like:

How I really look like:

Okok I cheated. I'm not brave enough to put up a picture that depicts the full shape and size of my hair. -_-
And oh yes BunBun is CLEAN AGAIN!!!!!!!!
I didn't play with him AT ALL last sem. For 2 whole months.
Except for the time when my friends visited my room, and the smaller one picked him up and hugged him despite my horrified warnings about how dusty he was.
He was really, really, really dusty.
To the point that whenever I have to move him, I just pick him up gingerly by one corner of his cap. If a circle can have corners, that is.

Erm anyway the pictures below are proof that both me and him are very very very free now. -___-

BunBun says goodbye.
P/S: my eyelashes look so long!!! :P

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Anonymous said...

hahahaha!! Food~ no wonder you've put on weight!! XD