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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Dove & Clear

Been using Clear shampoo since 2 months ago.
It was great...I was using the Ice-Cool version, so washing my head was a wonderful sensation every time.
Plus the smell is so strong  and fresh and long-lasting (lasts for about a day or so).
But the only problem is it makes my hair sooooo dry. O.O
Seriously very very very DRYYYY...especially since I started using the shampoo right after I cut my hair.
I think I must be the person with the driest hair I've ever met. -.-
Then I finished using it yesterday, so I switched back to Dove shampoo today.
I'd forgotten how sweet it used to smell. ^_^
And now my hair is so soft...hehehe.. :D

Btw, why am I even blogging about shampoo here...???
It's a bit shameful really. -.-

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