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Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I was SO DOWN just now...coz on the way out to buy dinner, I went to withdraw some cash...
And when I reached the atm machines, I saw HIM standing with his back facing the doorway...
And STUPID STUPID me was nervous so I turned and circled round the bushes to build up some courage to walk past him.
But by the time I reached the doorway again, HE HAD WALKED AWAY WITH HIS FRIEND.
I stared after his back view, and felt like I wanted to slap myself, hard.
So of course I was in a super bad mood, and didn't even want to go out anymore, because he and his friend were heading back to the hostel area anyway.
So I went to Intimart and bought some apples instead.
Then when I was about to return to my room, I suddenly thought, maybe he would have changed his mind and gone out for dinner after all!!!
So (I had already reached my block) I turned and went out.
After visiting a shop and buying two pens, went out and saw his side view!!!! about 3 cars' distance away from me.
Actually it didn't really look like him. But the shirt colour and body shape matched.
So I almost ran to catch up with him...
But suddenly he stopped to talk with another person. -.-
So I walked back, very very very very extra slowly.
Seriously I have never walked so slowly before. occasionally stopping. -.-
And there I was, thinking he was going to walk past me any time, but it didn't happen.
And I didn't dare to turn around and see if he was really there or not.
So I was quite dejected when I reached my block again....
and saw a familiar person wearing a familiar shirt coming from the opposite direction!!!
And I was like...whaaaaaaaaaaat???????
I'd been waiting for the wrong person all the time. -.-
He'd changed his clothes, so he must have gone back for a bath.
We stared at each other for about 2 seconds, and I tried and somehow failed to smile (too shocked), then I looked at the floor and we walked past each other.
I turned round and stared at his back until he disappeared from view. (the people nearby don't know me anyway)
So my point is.
My deciding to go out again wasn't a total waste of time after all!!!!!!!!!!
Especially because I didn't see much of him today.
HAPPY!!!! And I like how he didn't pretend that he didn't know me. Even though he didn't smile or say hi or anything...
Coz usually when I see some people that I'm not so close with, I pretend not to see them...until they shout my name, that is.

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