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Monday, May 21, 2012


Actually this is the 1st time I'm hoping/aiming for 4.0... and also for A+ in Programming...
Not because of what, but because of my kiasu-ness!!!
Last year I was content with just being on the Dean's List (CGPA above 3.8), but this time I wanted President's List(4.0) so badly!
Because last year, to tell the truth, I didn't have many competitors...
And also I was already very happy to be among the "top students" (but actually i was only averagely good) because I sucked so badly in secondary school and this was such a nice change. =)
But this year hor so many so geng de ppl...confirm many dean's list one and I seriously kiasu and wanted to be among the top again. XD
Actually I really totally did notttt deserve this results. -.-
I mean, I only started studying about 2 days before the examinations.
My coursework marks were over 50% in both Programming and Maths (final exam is 40%), so I really hoped I could get A+ lo...and in the end I did la...
But I really dunno how I got A for Computer Ethics and Human Computer Interface lo. -.-
Especially Computer Ethics.
I got 44.4% for my coursework marks lo! -.- And I'm pretty sure I answered a lotttt of questions wrongly in the final exam. oh well...
I expect the lecturer just didn't want us all to have low marks and spoil her reputation. And my friend who got 38++ for the coursework marks got A as well. Nah, how to explain that?
But if they all got A and I didn't get A I confirm will angry de lo.Why?
Because they didn't copy down the tips that our lecturer asked us to copy down in class (she read out very slowly word by word somemore), and then I typed and sent the tips to them.
After that I copied down the tips + answers, some of which I searched from the internet, about 4 pages like that...
And then they just went and photostated my notes. -.- of course, with my permission la, but I still will bu shuang de ma... I mean, why can't you just do it yourself?
Erm I don't want to appear too kiam siap I'll stop complaining...anyway my point is if they can get A, I should also get A lo. and I did la lol.
So anyway, to celebrate, I curled my hair. Quite unsuccessfully though. With the twirl-into-two-buns method.


I look like a lunatic. -.-

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Wei Yee Loh said...

ooh! so geng, you scored 4 flat in ur degree semester? By the way, what course you doing now?