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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

1st week

I finally went for a haircut last Saturday.
Not very satisfied with the length of the sides...coz they are too short and make my face seem SO ROUND.
I mean, my face is already very round, but seriously, it's SQUARISH now!!!
And I happened to come across an old pic in the holidays.

I mean...just LOOK at the shape of my face (the one on the left)!!!
And now it's...i dunno...[  ]-shaped or something.
Erm back to my hair...
Other than that, I'm absolutely happy with it.
The length of the fringe is so decent...not too long and not too short (for once).
And it is SO THIN and manageable now!!!
And dries so fast!
I can take a bath at 1.50pm and go for a 2pm class afterwards without having to blow-dry my hair, or even comb it.
And by the time I've sat for about 10 minutes in class, my hair has already dried.
My point is, I can enter the classroom smelling strongly of Clear-shampoo, and body shampoo as well...
And my real point is.......................haha...

So anyway...
I reached school at about 10.30am on Monday.
And Daddy and me went all over the school to fix my PTPTN stuff.
And I visited my room in a total of 3 times, which is not funny, considering the fact that I live at level 3.
And when we were all done, it was already 12.30pm.
Actually I was very touched, if it was my daughter, I'd have told her to take care of her own business, and not do everything for her as if she was still in primary school.
Then I returned to my room, and started cleaning.
I assure you, I have never visited a dirtier room in my life.
I really don't know where all the dust came from, because I'd closed both the windows and the curtains.
But even the floor was disgusting and somewhat sticky to step on.
By the time I'd finished cleaning, it was already 1.45pm (I had a 2pm class).
Then I looked at my feet and was shocked.
The whole sole was PITCH BLACK.
Then I took a bath, and smelling all nice and fresh, I went for class.

I'm only taking two subjects this short semester (two months).
I thought I'd entered the wrong class when I went for the second subject and saw him standing in front as well. Seriously.
Luckily he's a nice person.
And instead of uploading everything to Intionline as all the lecturers do, he created a Facebook group for each of the subjects, and will be uploading all the lecture-notes and coursework marks there. -.-
But it's going to be really confusing with him teaching both the subjects...I mean, I was halfway through an Internet Technology lecture before I realized that I wasn't listening to a Fundamentals of Mobile Networks lecture. -.-
Luckily he's only teaching the lecture part of Internet Technology. There are two lab classes per week for that subject, and an Indian lady with extremely short hair is teaching us for that class.
Which are on 8pm today and tomorrow.
And I have a slight complaint.
I went to bed at 1++am this morning, and couldn't fall asleep until 3am.
Then I sank into a very shallow sleep, and I don't even know whether I was really asleep or not.
Anyway I woke up at 3.40am, maybe due to the fact that the stupid laptop was emitting certain noises (I'd put it in Hibernate mode, and maybe it was too hot or something).
Then I couldn't get to sleep until 4++am.
Then at 7am, my alarm rang, waking me up from an unfinished dream (do you know that feeling?????!!!)... and I snoozed until 7.35am...and was still EXTREMELY SLEEPY.
It's the first time i've been so sleepy before!!! In fact I nearly fell asleep while I was walking to class.
And I had horribly dark panda eyes.. -.-
And in the end class ended at 8.30am!!! -.-!!!
We didn't even do anything today.
Except writing down our names on a namelist.
And the tutor was unable to turn on her computer, so she didn't seem to know what to do, so she dismissed the class.
If I'd known that was going to happen, I'd have slept till 10am. -.-
Anyway, what's with the stupid insomnia?!
I didn't even drink coffee!!! I've been sleeping very little ever since I came back to INTI, for no reason at all.
But I managed to sleep from 9++am till 12++pm just now la, due to the fact that it suddenly started to rain heavily. ^^
Hope it rains every night.
But it never does.
Oh and by the way the girl next door (who has just moved in) is so cute and weird, she has THREE pairs of slippers, all of the SAME pattern, but with different colours. One is blue+dark-blue, one is pink+purple, and another is white+purple.
And recently I've been cuddling Baby Jack a lot, he's so soft and cute, and BunBun is just taking up space on my bed. Stupid fat mushroom.
Oh and I've changed my phone's ringtone to the Gummy Bear Song.

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