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Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Last night i was so xin ku...even though i didn't have exams anymore but my nose was blocked and running all the time...and my throat felt hot and uncomfortable (not completely recovered from the sore throat) and blocked too. ya, blocked throat. so anyway managed to sleep in the end... and this morning my nose was still blocked....but after that *WARNING, disgusting description ahead* i removed a lot of bi ti from my nose XD and they were horrible...yellowish and thick and looked like phlegm... @@ seriously i 1st time see my own bi ti look like this, and i've seen a lot of them for the past 18 years.. and after that dunno how my nose suddenly cleared ady!!! XD =D!!! happy!!! and now i have this tired, yet wide awake, and slightly dreamy-ish feeling. ^^ rather like how i used to feel when i was a kid, when i had a running nose and took medicine and went to sleep and woke up from the nap... or like when my temperature had just gone down after taking fever medicine... aiya dunno how to describe but my mood so good now... =D =D

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