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Monday, April 9, 2012

The Darkest and Brightest Night Ever

Yesterday night i was rushing two assignments...both also very last minute one (in fact it's the first time i've been so last minute, only started to do one of them yesterday), and both also no mood to do one....and the due date for both of them was today...
Then it started raining, and had loud thunder and lightning...and pilipala....rainrainrain...
Finally it stopped.
And i was quite bored at that time i think, i was standing on the end of my bed looking at my pimples in the mirror (i have a lot now, all near my nose bridge one, i think it's because of both my 热气 and monthly menstrual cycle, i had a sore throat the day before and also super tired because i lost a LOT of erm...blood...), and then suddenly poofff!!! the light went off.
I this lamp is spoilt... when I realized that my laptop was also off. And so was the fan.
And then sound of people talking, of doors opening...
And of course I opened my door as well, with a handphone in my hand like everybody else. The only difference was that those who opened their doors had their friends' rooms to go to, i didn't. ==
So I just left it open and continued to do my assignment.
And realized that... OH NO...the battery is going to run out in no time... OH NO....HOW COME CAN'T ONLINE ONE...
And seriously panic at that time..
I thought it was only our block, but then as I pulled the curtains aside I saw a pitch-black INTI. wow.
And the guys from the neighbouring block were so noisy =.= and one of them was shouting 我是XXX今年十九岁单身来自KEDAH..== and small white lights were flashing all over the place.. and some helpful car drivers had their cars parked at the side of the road with headlights on. And groups of people were walking round, some holding hands.
And INTI really become like pasar 11++pm....first time so many people walking around and talking so much...really 热闹...
After that, when I realized that my laptop battery had only half left, I gave up and went out for a drink with my friends. And before that, I bravely visited the toilet with a handphone for a flashlight. Brave in the sense that 1) i wasn't afraid of the dark, 2) i wasn't afraid of dropping my phone.
At first it was so, so, so dark. It was so black all around, and I was afraid of running into people or people running into me.
But after that, when we were walking back to our rooms (at 1++am), we noticed that the sky was strangely light. Seriously 6:45 in the morning or something like that.
Oh and btw all the time I was panicking about my assignment... I still had like 3 pages left... and there was no electric supply OR internet access all around INTI!!! not even in the cafeteria.
I'd thought that it would be fixed in an hour or so...but no lo...and we didn't know when it would be fixed, too.
And apparently, a big tree had fallen down somewhere, breaking dunno where de wires. :(
It would have been so fun and exciting if only i didn't have those assignments..==

So I went back to my room at 1++am, and having totally given up on the assignment, I went to sleep.
And was woken up by the sudden flash of bright light at 3:05am.... they'd fixed the electricity, but there was still no internet access though.
Then dunno why I so brave and gave up once more and went back to sleep again...waking up at 8++am in the morning.
So anyway ya the assignments are done and submitted now, and internet access is back, good night byebye

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