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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

exam nightmares

This morning was the 2nd time I had an exam nightmare. The first time was last week.
I seriously dunno why I'm having stupid dreams like this, somemore the subjects are sejarah and chemistry respectively. -.-

The first one, was about I was about to have a sejarah exam the next day, and I'd only started studying at midnight (in my room at INTI), and I was confident coz even though I wasn't really sure, but I'd estimated that the chapters that were coming out were chapters 2 to 4. After I asked my friend on the phone, it turned out to be chapter 2 to chapter 18. Then I started to panic...flipping through the thick textbook without absorbing anything...and was prepared to hand in a blank paper ady when I woke up and was so grateful that it was only a dream...

The second one, about the stupid chemistry paper...@_@...Erm I'm not sure whether it was two separate dreams or what...but I dreamt I was running with a bunch of people on the street...and one of them was TT....and then I drank some water and coughed and vomited it out... o.o ...Then blablabla I forgot what happened but it took a long time and caused me to be late for class...then when I entered class, it was already exam time, and I was still flipping through the notes at my desk... Then the teacher (who happened to be Mr Luk -.-) called my name and I went out to get the exam paper. Then I went back to my place (which was still littered with the notes) and started stuffing all the notes into my pink file. After that, I was about to start writing when I realized that I'd put the exam paper into my file as well. So I started looking for it but couldn't find it. :@:@:@ then I look look look...but still couldn't find it. And I think the reason that I didn't ask for another paper was because there were only as many papers as the number of people in our class. Then I wanted to share the paper with the person next to me, but she was already writing on it and I was scared it would be counted as cheating. Then panic again lo...then Mr Luk came over, and I asked him what time it was...then he smirked and said "Nearly Bio period now." Then I looked at his watch and realized that I only had 20 minutes left......... then I woke up from this horrible morningmare and again was extra thankful that it wasn't true. @____@

Now I keep wondering why I would dream about things like this... -.- it's not like I'm one of the people who just finished their SPM... could it be because of my too-long holiday? Maybe 3 weeks of more than enough sleep + more than enough to eat + excessive watching of dramas caused my dream cells to lose track of time... -.-

Going back to school tomorrow.... I dunno but I think I'll miss home this time.

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