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Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Most Comfortable Sleeping Position

Talk about randomness!!! But on the other hand, this is Not going to be an emo post...hahaha...which is something rather out of the ordinary =X

Anyway, I discovered a surprisingly comfortable sleeping position just now (but I still got up to post this =X...quite ironic lol). Which is THIS:
 Please ignore the pjk shirt...
Anyway, in this pic, I am resting the back of my head on my green pillow, resting the side of my head on the big soft cap of BunBun, curling my legs round the blue Bobby II, and being covered by the pink blanket. =)

And raising one arm to take this pic, and pretending to be blissfully asleep lol.

On a sidenote, I realized that my inability to fall asleep is no longer only caused by the absence of a bolster, but also a Blanket. o.O

That day I threw all the bedsheets, toys and my blanket into the washing machine...And it was already 7pm, and raining heavily. So of course I didn't have any blanket to use that night.

And it was so. Freaking. Difficult. To. Fall. Asleep.

I dunno why!!! seriously I dunno why. I think it was partly because of the coldness...but I couldn't have really been cold! I had already stopped raining by then, and it was a stuffy single room, and I had turned down the fan from the usual 3 to ONE. Plus I was wearing long pants (never worn those trackbottoms since I came here, feels quite geli lol==), and TWO pairs of socks. Oh...and a sweater. =X

So, ya. Luckily the bolster cover dried fast enough. And I have yet to experience sleeping without a pillow, but I think the result would be much the same... maybe it's just the feeling that I'm missing something. Maybe if I slept without a bolster, pillow and blanket for 2 months continuously, I would get used to it. O.o

But I dunno why it's so easy to fall asleep on a classroom desk LOL.

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