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Thursday, September 15, 2011

proud :D

After the unfortunate 擦肩而过 with him in a narrow corridor last Thursday, I learnt from the gained knowledge that he had a class at 2pm, whereas mine finished at 2pm.

So I was especially cautious just now...walking slowly, peering for a few seconds around all corners...ready to turn tail at the first sight of him...and altogether acting like a burglar or something...=.="

Then as I exited the academic block, I was starting to feel like my effort had been wasted...=.=" coz he would only turn up at the most unexpected moments...and a bit bu shuang also lo, the first time I'm being so careful, it's being wasted...and the next time I'm not careful, he sure will appear one...

Then I was still thinking about it as I stepped on the pathway leading to the hostel areas.

Think think think...but I was alert too, just in case.
And I saw somebody from afar...was it him? I couldn't be sure coz there was a lot of people in front of that guy.

Then I looked again...walao!!! it was really him!!! thankfully he was looking at his phone!!!

So i hurriedly scuttled across the road to the other side....

Result: I am so proud of myself now ^_^

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