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Thursday, August 18, 2011

I Hate Interfering Guards.

I do I do I really do!!!!
Guards are paid to look after security aren't they? And take care of the complaints that they get from residents of the block that they're in charge of.
But NO WOR!!!
Just now I was at the study area opposite Block D, sitting at the first table.
And I was very cold plus I had been sitting there for almost 5 hours, so I was sitting in a weird and 粗鲁 position with my legs apart; to tell the truth, it wasn't very glamorous. But I didn't zou guang, I checked.
And then the guard came over from her block, and said to me with a beh song look on her face: "Ei. Sit Properly. I can see you from over there."


I want to sit how also can't? At the most I spoil my own image only ma? And now INTI so few students, seriously who cares? Isn't it more important that I can study comfortably for my final exam tomorrow?

SERIOUSLY :@ LO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Made me no mood to study at all after that!!!! coz really too angry liao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :@ SERIOUSLY BUSYBODY!!!

Are you my family member? Are you my moral teacher? Are you even my friend?

NO!!! You're just a freaking GUARD. A guard that has nothing better to do. And it was about 1am that time, seriously can you please just go to sleep or what? It's not like any visitors would come to INTI at that time, and be shocked by the rough behavior of me. And it is sooooooooooo none of her business!!!! :@

And no, she wasn't being kind. I really didn't zou guang.

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