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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Overload of self-pics

Be prepared. Well, at least it's better than emo-ness, isn't it?
I wasn't very happy about the fact that I didn't have a webcam app in my laptop. I dunno why, since all my friends have this crystal-eye thing, but I dun have!!! The software is supposed to come together with the webcam in the laptop!!! T_T
Anyway, I went online and downloaded a software called Debut (14-day trial only, sadly, and it's expired since week).
Then I took a whole lot of pics and I was kinda embarrassed to upload them on Facebook (dunno why, maybe coz I've grown up, or maybe just bcoz my new friends haven't seen the zilian side of me). So I just uploaded one very modest pic of me and BunBun as my profile picture. haha... But I felt that they would be kind of wasted if I didn't show them to the public so here they are. blek.

Anyway, these were the very first pics, and they were taken in the very early morning (about 4am or something) of 30/6, before I knew I was going to break up with him (that occured around 11am or something).

ya i'm posing with the bottle. i attempted to make this my profile pic at first, but the thumbnail just turned out weird, so i deleted it.

then i considered this. but the eyes open too big liao, like so fake. lol
Then I went home for the weekend. I think my face just got a bit thinner with all the crying that I did.

And I became a panda.
Then I came back to Inti.

Then one day I went to class and they all said my lips were so white and asked if I was sick. I said I was born like that and they wouldn't believe it. Then when I reached my room I zilian again and realized that my lips were really quite pale that day.
Like, seriously. But I wasn't sick.

Another day, I took out my specs and tried them on and realized that after more than half a year of not wearing them, my short-sightedness had increased. T_T
I kinda like this pic, if it wasn't for the fact that my nose seemed to be so prominently big somehow, i'd profile-pic it.

I forgot to mention that I'd been losing my appetite ever since that day, and hardly ate anything, until it got to the point that my 5-month-pregnant-like tummy got almost completely flat. And I think I thinned down, too.

I really think so.
Sadly, after starting to have normal meals with my friends since a few days ago, my tummy swelled up again, and so did my face and all. haiz. T_T Anyway I'm back to normal size now. But then again, so is my mood, getting steadily better and better. Except for the fact that I cried in public today because I was so stressed out about my assignments (i hate group assignments, especially when i'm in the same group as he is coz he WON'T do anything!!! and I don't want to hate him just because of that), and that I was so kiasu coz I did badly in maths while everybody else got an A. And I only got 73. Haiz. And the fact that everybody seemed to have improved in their test results since last sem while it was only me who was going backwards (from 1st to 2nd or 3rd). Nah, KIASU. I don't think anybody knows this, since I've never really told anybody about it before (except for him, today, coz he was standing right beside the crying me =.=), but I'm really really kiasu, and I can't bear to slide down from the Best (in things that I'm best in) to the Second or Third best, least of all Average. I don't mind if I was average at first from the start, like in secondary school. But I do mind if I was the best from the very first. haiz. Anyway, to continue with the pics.

One of my pinker days. I was wearing light pink shorts as well.
And then I used the washing machine again, after months of not using it, coz the pail of unwashed clothes was so full that I decided not to challenge it with my bare hands.
After washing.
Was experimenting with my fringe last night. Hahaha I know ugly but I couldn't resist taking a few pics!

My eyes were big last night!!! Believe it or not I really didn't 睁 my eyes on purpose! XD ^^
Did it again just now, but with small eyes this time. :(
Last but not least, something cute!!! I got it by donating RM2. Originally, you had to pay RM2 to play games and win 3rd prizes to get them, but now they're left over and so no need play games also can get!!! XD And I also found out just now that yuan lai my phone can hang phone accessories 1!!! But I'm not hanging this there of course. ;)
So cute. ^^ There were different bears of different colours to choose from, but when in doubt, I chose pink. :P

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