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Monday, July 4, 2011


I lent him my torch for his camp... Just now I passed to him, around 6.30, he has another meeting or something at he was in a hurry...
He'd cut his hair...because 失恋?how i know...
Anyway, he really looked like he was in a great hurry...
He stuffed this plastic bag to me, saying 哪,给你吃的。。
Then he disappeared and i was left standing there holding the bag.
Then I looked inside and saw kfc's picture on the box.

Then I suddenly remembered, the last week we were together, I was pestering him from day to night saying that I wanted to eat kfc whenever it was mealtimes...then he said 你要我去哪里变出来给你。。。then i said 我要。。。

And now...
Then he msg-ed me saying i long time no eat already, enjoy ya.. things like that... told me the straw for the 汽水was in the big plastic bag and all that..and sorry coz he really rush... like that...

He didn't know that my definition of kfc and his definition of kfc was different...
His definition of kfc: kfc.
My definition of kfc: eating my favourite fast food together with my favourite person. not sitting in a room sobbing and looking at the unopened box unappetisingly.



I'm crying again.

walao eh. u tell me how to eat!!!!! recently i no appetite tau. now crying, more no appetite. it will be tasteless and wasted. T_T

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