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Friday, March 4, 2011

I feel like a kid!!!!!! XD

I'm so happy for getting the highest marks in class for my General Studies test!!!! Just that I wish it was some other more useful subject, and that the marks didn't only occupy 10% of the final results....
But I'm really so happy!!!!!!!!! XD and I feel really cihldish for being so happy (though i didn't show it :P)

Haha!!!!!! At first really so scared lo, coz our lecturer said that only 7 people passed...!!!!! (our class has around 40 people)........ Then when she distributed the test papers, the first one was mine! @@|| Then she said I got the highest, 44 out of happy!!!!!!! XD

And by the way I was SHOCKED to find out the passing mark... coz in secondary school 30% also can pass, this one hor...below 50% already considered failed.... @@|||| so okayyyy....

And just now we just finished our Business Studies test!!!!!!!!!!! So happy!!!!!!! 6 chapters o, finally finished the test, it's over!!!!!! (results later=.=)

But is time for ASSIGNMENTS >_<

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