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Thursday, February 10, 2011

I did two wrong things today.

1st of all, I want to talk about what happened just now. It's like this de. Our group leader for Business Studies assignment said to have a meeting today, 9pm. And this afternoon only I knew that care group (cell group) meeting was 8pm to 10pm... b4 that I just knew that it started at 8pm. So I was debating whether to attend or not... if I just attended it for one hour, would it be ok? Or I don't attend it at all??? Then I made up my mind Not to attend it. Then just now after dinner, 7.30, I saw a "long-lost" friend, and he said he was going to attend, but when he heard that I wasn't going, he said he didn't want to go also. =.= So I started to 犹豫不决 lo, dunno want to go or not... and then he said still got time, he will confirm later. So I went to take my bath. After that, 7.50pm, I smsed him but his hp was switched off. So in the end I didn't go.

And just now, 8.45pm, one of our group members found me in facebook chat and said that another group member sms-ed another group member to say the group leader wasn't free, she was going to a gathering night. =.= You can imagine my feelings lo... so angry xia, WHY EARLY EARLY NEVER SAY??? AND WANT A TO TELL B TO TELL C TO TELL D SUMMORE??????

But then... I realized that I couldn't blame anybody when it was Me who was actually doing the wrong thing. I could have gone to the cell group. But I didn't I didn't I didn't... I really could have gone! It was my fault, hence the status update on Facebook. Now I know I did wrong... in fact I knew it from the beginning and was feeling guilty but I tried to convince myself that it was nothing much. Anyway... I apologized to God just now... and I hope I will never do something silly like that another time.

The second thing hor. Ermmmm.....
It's like this de. There's one person in our class, let's call her X. After an incident that happened once in class, during a group presentation, I started to dislike her, a lot. :( And I felt it was so wrong, coz we hadn't even known each other for a month! So I didn't show it, and pretended to like her like a normal friend. Oh and btw X was mentioned in one of my previous blog posts, and she's mentioned in this very blog post too...but I won't say anymore! So anyway, as the days passed, I started to 看不顺眼 everything that she did... the friends she made... the way she talked and laughed... I disliked them so much, and I felt mean for doing so!!! Then today during Malaysian Studies, I found out that.... actually half the class dislikes her!!! O_O|| Half or maybe more. So anyway there we were, four girls finding out that each of us disliked her very much too... and being very happy coz b4 that we thought that we were the only one that did so! And finding out that some of  the boys in our class disliked her too. =.= And we talked about why we disliked her... talked until very 投入 and happy, as girls are when they are discussing people's 是非。Btw, we really have a very solid (and not unreasonable) reason to dislike her de la. But I won't talk about it here.

Then when I reached my room, I started regretting for joining in the topic afterwards... Coz last time, since I've heard that people've been saying bad things about me behind my back (but THEY were being really unreasonable lo seriously =.=), I promised myself that I would never talk bad about people behind their backs anymore, coz I know now how it feels like to find out. But I broke my word. I never gave her a chance to change herself, I never considered the fact that she didn't know what she was doing was wrong coz nobody ever told her.

I'm so sorry for all the wrong things that I did today...

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