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Monday, January 10, 2011 many China people in our class!!! And the way they speak English is seriously...cute!!! So cute!!! "I'm from Chinah"...

Just now our English Language Skills lecturer asked us to introduce ourselves and where we came from (3rd time 2day!!) and our previous schools. And then rupa-rupanya he was from TBS!!! in 1966!== He's a retired teacher from a Gemas school... And then he asked me which part of Tampin I was from, and I said Taman Woon, and he asked me which house number =.=|| It turned out that his brother was living in Taman Woon too!!!

Anyway, I just found out today that my watch+alarm clock+hp's time, were all 10 minutes late!!! no wonder la... =.=||

Then about the 2 new friends... =.= They're friendly enough when you talk to them, but they don't seem to talk to each other much, esp the one who's like me... =.= And they don't walk together too!!! They walk in "vertical" position...make me also dunno want to walk with who... =.=

But they're nice... =)

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