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Sunday, January 2, 2011

What I Don't Like on Facebook

 Sometimes I very beh tahan people who type...
~带 instead of 戴
~loose instead of lose (or vice-versa!!!)
~from 5 instead of form 5
~Opps instead of Ooops

~♥ at the end of every sentence
~space, period instead of just plain period
~lenq lui instead of leng lui
~cantonese (either pinyin or in characters) wrongly or very 走音ly. c'mon, even a cantonese-hater like me is better than u! stop acting cute, ditch cantonese and go back to mandarin la pls.

I also very beh tahan photos with...
~girls kissing each other (on the mouth) in front of the cam
~guys who pucker up their lips at the cam (I dun mind it so much if it were girls, bt guys who do that r juz plain disgusting==)

And also...
~people who misuse apostrophes

And conversations that go like this...
"U so leng lui ."
"No larr, u more leng.^^"
"I'm ugly larr, u more leng. :D"

And super pretty girls who post super pretty pics of themselves and Know they are pretty and put the pics as their profile pics and then caption the pics as "ugly :(".

Also, people who can't post jokes without including a hamsup element in it.

And videos labeled as "FUNNY!!!!!!", which actually involves a lot of extremely painful accidents. AND THE PEOPLE WHO LAUGH IN THE COMMENTS!!! T.T!!!!

*the end*

I know I just went and offended a whole lot of people!!! Sorry but this is my blog which contains My opinions and we all have freedom of speech blehhhhhhhhhhh :P

Sorry la sorry la sorry la to all the people categorized above...SORRY!!!!!! But I'm still posting this up. ^^

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