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Monday, January 24, 2011

Warning: This post may contain some disturbing elements. And all readers are strictly forbidden to gasp in horror.

I've been complaining a lot about my pimples lately.
But I think nobody who views this blog, has actually seen me in person these few days.

So I am going to post up pics of my face, now.
*please refer to title before you proceed*

Oh and btw, bcoz I am not using a proper camera, the pics cannot really bring out the true gruesomeness of my face. So just imagine that my grey face is yellowish, and the pink spots are bright red. It's true, really.


On Thursday, I had this nice, normal-looking face.
Ok, comparatively.
 See. Just one pimple on my left cheek. And it's only a scar summore.

Then on Friday night, the nightmare began.
 Speckled face!!!!!!!!!!
 My hp's cam dunno hv automatic skin beautifier or not. =.=|||| It is muchhhhhhhhhhhh more worse than this one ok!

Nah this one was taken yesterday. Dun ask me why I look so ugly har.

NAH. SEE OR NOT. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just remember!!! They are BRIGHT RED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lastly, one more pic. Fresh from the oven one, taken a minute ago. XD

Pimples still intact. But they're darker now.
And Confirm I fat back liao. =.= But somehow I think my arms (the lower part that I am forever complaining about) are slightly slimmer leh!!!! XD ^^ :D !!!!! As for my face... I think it's bcoz of my hair. My face somehow looks slimmer when I put it up in a ponytail (not referring to above pics). =.=|| But I lazy to tie my hair leh coz now I always ngam-ngam got time to spend about 15 minutes in the bathroom, dunno how many more minutes to blow-dry my hair, dunno how many minutes to have breakfast and the rest of the time to try and conceal my pimples with Burnol. =.=||| I dunno la. I spend almost all my time looking into the mirror and dabbing Burnol on my pimples!!!!!!!!!! I know that is very self-deceiving, besides wasting Burnol... But I really hope that the extra layers will help to dry them up faster lo!!!! >_<"

Last time I mentioned that I heard somebody say that my pimple was very big right? Well, today I saw that person again. TWO TIMES SUMMORE WHY SO UNFORTUNATE ONE. And he stared at me. And I really HATE his 眼神... always hated it from the beginning!!!!!!!! :@

Ok calm down.

So... my pimples. I was so happy when I found out that CNY was NOT on this week, as I had assumed all this while *ashamed*, but on NEXT WEEK, coz that would mean that my pimples would have sufficient time to get lost!!!! :D But, I think I'm going to be mistaken for the eldest again this year. T_T Coz although I know I'd thinned down last week, but... do you really expect a girl who eats bread and biscuits nonstop whenever she has nothing to do with her hands, to remain below 45kg? CANNOT RIGHT. HAIZ. But I can't help it. T_T I hope I'm not pregnant or something. And I guess Mummy was in the same situation as me last time...

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