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Monday, January 17, 2011


There are quite a lot of similarities between secondary and uni life after all!!!
I realized that only just now.

First of all, I still had the fun of flopping down on the desk and going straight to sleep when the lecturer announced that it was time for break. I had a dream summore lo, about me driving a car and collecting all the coins on the road zzzzzzz like playing what game =.=||

Then, I still got to see the man of my dreams passing by our classroom window!!! XD Ok la, not the man of my dreams la. Maybe not a man yet. Maybe not man of my dreams in That sense. Or maybe it is. Or maybe it isn't. :P hahaha ... And it wasn't strictly a classroom either, hahaha! (*38 mood, pls 体谅)

Next, seeing the white-shirt-prince in the cafeteria lol ^^ He's wearing the white polo again!!! He doesn't look so much like a counselor, then... much younger! :D But, I guess he Is quite old, to be able to become a counselor. :( But I don't really care la haha.

Still being unable to answer questions zzzz paiseh.

Btw, our business lecturer's Chinese is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!
She's an Indian, but she knows SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many Chinese words!!! Every time the China people don't understand something, she translates it in Chinese!!! Of coz not a full sentence la, but!!!! And she pronounces it so perfectly!!!! And she says she has this talent of being able to translate things if other people don't understand, but only in an emergency lol .. and she can even speak in Japanese lo she said!!! But our class dun hv Japaneses la. Our class only has Malaysian Indians, Malaysian Chinese, pure Chinese (from China), and a pretty girl who's actually from China but looks very much like a Malay lol.

And erm YESH I like the life here very very very much compared to secondary school life. Maybe that's just bcoz we haven't started having assignments and exams yet... but... I'm not talking about that.
Fine, I know I enjoyed my Form 1 life too. =.=|| And I don't remember much about Standard 1 coz it just passed in a year of blurriness.

Just now we had our computer lesson (practical), and my mouse was half empty zzzz!!!! means I had to use TWO hands to scroll the mouse around the screen. =.= And very difficult summore lo. And CANNOT CLICK!!! =.=|| In the end I gave up. Gonna do my "homework" that I didn't get to do just now, now. =)

p/s: Btw, there are still some things that I haven't got used to as well, like seeing a guy at one of the water dispensers at the opposite block dressed only in underwear -_-" Luckily it was quite far away, I just very unfortunately happened to glance over there.

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