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Saturday, January 8, 2011


Actually, there are many many things going on in my head and heart and life these few days.
But I dunno how to tell any of them without making people misunderstand or whatever!
I feel stupid, really really stupid. Why am I always so naive? =.=
Actually, nothing has happened. I'm just trying to warn myself that there's a flashing red light ahead...and I dunno what I'm typing also. =.=

Btw the pimple has gone down a bit, much better than 2 days ago!

2moro going to a strange church by myself. Am I scared? To tell the truth...YES!!! :(

As far as I can see, I have not thinned down lo. Maybe my tummy is a bit flatter la. And maybe my upper arms have decreased a bit in size, or maybe not, I can't be sure. As for my face, I think dun hv lo. But I like the small mirror that Gail gave me, since I can hold it at a high angle and then I'll look slimmer zzz. =.=

My face's skin is really not good lo. It's been like that ever since I've been studying till late at night. SPM THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The zi4 bei1 status on my facebook wall. It's bcoz of orientation yesterday.
We've been having watery station games, and some required us to take off our slippers (our group of 7 people were standing on 6 chairs, and we're all supposed to move over and the last person is going to pass the last chair to the front, and keep moving like that until we get close enough to shoot the basketball. And of course everybody took off their shoes.) , and I really cannot tell you how self-conscious I felt! I could feel them glancing at my feet and quickly looking away, the way that I glance at handicapped people and then look away and pretend that they're very normal. Then another game, we were supposed to dip our feet into a pail of disgusting-looking grey water and fish out the things that the gamemaster told us to fish out. Then everybody had their turn, and I had to confess that I had a skin problem and show it. Actually I know it probably won't affect my feet in any way la, but I didn't want everybody to pay more attention to my feet. :(

I keep telling myself that it's good that people know. At least they won't be shocked if they've known me (with shoes) for like 10 years, and one day they finally see me with bare feet...

It's good, right? It's good. To let them know, I mean. The sooner the better. At least they didn't seem to mind at all.

I should be more worried about my pimple, is that so?
erm dun ask me y my smile is so fake. again. it juz happens when i show my teeth, ok?

my pimple should transfer some of its redness to my lips

The nice people who gave comments on my status, they've never seen (or paid attention to) my bare feet before, that's why they didn't understand. I tell you, my feet are horrible. My legs... I used to care a lot about my "scales", but I don't least not so much. And under my's quite horrible too.


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