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Friday, January 14, 2011


Hey I just realized that my feet's skin is much better alrd!!! :D dunno why! is it bcoz of the lack of dust or what? XD
Btw it's really very cold over here, last night I didn't switch on the fan (1st time in many months! or years? XD) and it was still cold! I needed Johnny!!! O_o
And this morning I had a lot of scary dreams, that I was relieved to wake up from when my alarm rang at 7.30. Actually by the time I looked at the clock it was already 7.45 and my alarm was still ringing... dunno why... And the dreams I can't remember a single one of them, but they were really scary. :(
And Bobby smells dusty. :S But I dun care I still prefer him to the silly soft fellow over in Inti. That one I dun even dare to sit on him lo, scared he will break in the middle. But Bobby is already broken lol, and I broke him on purpose de coz last time he was so Hard. XD
And I like our bathroom (1st time know how to appreciate it==)! The one over at hostel has those yellowish lights that makes every red spot on me (I have a lot lo) stand out like dunno what. =.= I mean, in the mirror. The mirror at home here just makes me look pale and I don't mind that. =) And the toilet can be flushed!!! :D There hor the flushes are not working I have to use the hose every time. :( But they do clean the toilets daily. =)

And I want to say, I really can't believe I settled down over there so quickly. Coz I've only stayed away from home two times before (minus Allson Klana and PD trips with family years ago). And the first time was for 2 nights, second time only 1 night. And both times I slept with another girl. Now, I'm staying alone... with nobody I know... And... I Actually Like It? :S

The only thing I'm not satisfied about is my blanket lar... =.= It looks so nice and green and new, and is warm and has no holes in it... But every morning when I comb my hair, green stuff will be stuck in the teeth of my comb. =.=|| And once I lay down in bed with a black shirt on and...well, disastrous lo. I tried Dawn's idea of using cellophane tape to get the green things away, but still not very successful.

And I realized that my hair falls a lot even though I don't pluck at it anymore. :( They gave us a Sunsilk Hair Fall Control shampoo on the first day lols but I haven't used it yet. So, hair+green stuff on the floor... I've got into the habit of sweeping the floor daily with a duster+dustpan now... And the green things get stuck in the bristles of the brush so I have to pull them off. :(

The day before yesterday, I went to the toilet, and then went back to my room, planning to get my things for bathing. But before I reached my door, there was a man's voice from upstairs. (if you look out from the balcony you can see people from all the floors, coz there's a big hole in the middle) And then 2 men were standing there, and they told all the girls standing outside in the 走廊 that they were from Jabatan Kebersihan, so please beri kerjasama and get out from our rooms in 10 minutes' time and also inform our friends. And I thought they were going to check our rooms to see dirty or not =.= So I hurriedly swept up the green things + hair on the floor, took my things, left the door unlocked, and went to the bathroom lo.

And then all of the sudden, there was a very loud noise like a very very Loud vacuum cleaner, and it was coming closer and closer. I ignored it and started to bathe. Then there was a smell... dunno what smell... and the noise got louder and louder until I thought it was in the bathroom itself... And echoes in the bathroom... It was so deafening and scary!!! I scared until nearly cry lo. :( And then I realized that the people were actually fogging the place or something. And I thought, die lo, now I'm in the bathroom can't get out coz still bathing... will they scold me? Will I be smothered to death (naked!!!) ? T_T

Then the noise got further away, and quieter... and I was so relieved. But then it came again, echoed round the bathroom again, I thought it was right outside the door. And this happened for about 4 or 5 times! But when I was finally finished, I opened the door, went out of the bathroom... and nobody was around even though the noise was so loud! :S hmm.. So the conclusion is I think I've been very stupid lo. =.=||

And there's supposed to be a fire alarm practice coming too... If we're bathing we have to just wrap our towel round us and rush out from the bathroom!!! I DON'T WANT!!! Make me scared to bathe liao now. :( Luckily my period is over for this month. In fact, it came on the very first day that I went there zzz. =.= Made me have a gigantic pimple that got redder and redder, and other companions besides. :( But now the pimple is residing and is not red anymore. =) And yes I squeezed it coz it was really very big, but it got redder than ever. *ashamed face

Btw DUNNO I HEAR WRONG OR NOT HOR I think I heard Somebody say to Somebody Else that my pimple was very big! :@ I HOPE I heard wrong, but I THINK I didn't... and I'm going to bu shuang that person forever. :@!!! I know your complexion very good la!!!! I know my pimple very big and red la!!! :@! I very bu shuang you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okok... calm down... =)

Anyway it's really cold. :S

And I don't clean my plate over there. I mean, not wash up (though I don't do that too), but finish my meal. And I don't even get conscience-stricken now zzzz. And now the chicken rice in front of me has half its rice left, and I'm not planning on finishing it. I always did before, no matter how full I was...

Erm... and last night I studied in bed with the laptop on my legs (lecture notes inside), and it was so fun and such a new experience!!! :D Though I can't say I remember much about what I learnt now. =.=

Oh...and just now I played the piano! I had the mood. :D lalala.

Today is Friday... I wish it was Saturday though, dunno why.

Last night receieved sms-es from a person... And the sms-es Still made me go =.=|||||||||||||||||||||||||... lame!! Lame!!! You are lame!!!!!!!!!!! childish also... =.=

And I realized that I still like to walk fast when I'm walking alone... =)

And last night, I viewed the long-abandoned essay blog... And I was so disgusted with my essays zzz. The English ones were soooo trying-to-sound-impressive styled!!!!!!!! And the chinese ones... erm, actually I don't mind them as much la. But the English ones I really beh tahan man!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =.=!!!!

Talking about English... I was quite shocked when we had our first English lesson! Oh and btw daddy found out that he knew the lecturer, in the 1980s. =.= Back to the lesson... I thought people who went to INTI would have really good English (they sounded like that!!! all talking in English like it's their first language), but their grammar is really poor... :S I'm not trying to be 串 or whatever... I'm really genuinely shocked lols.

And btw, happy to find that more than half of my classmates seem to be as unbusiness-like as me! :D

p/s: The blog posts that I did over there are very un-me... I guess I blog best at home haha

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