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Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Today I very very nearly didn't go to class!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's like this de, every time 25 minutes b4 class, me Jing Yi and Siou Chin will meet down our blocks and then baru go together, and I'm almost always the latest one... =.=||||

So, this morning, I was irritated by my hp, why keep buzzing de??? Why this alarm never ring, just buzz de??? Then... I opened my eyes to was 7.45!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And my class is at 8.00am!!! And a certain distance de lo. And my hp was buzzing coz one of them was calling me. T.T And there were so many missed calls and 2 sms-es. T.T

Anyway, I was very shocked lo. Even more shocked to find that there were SOOOOOOOO many latecomers on the way to class as well. =.=|| That time almost 8.00am already. They were all walking at a moderately fast speed, but got one crazy girl keep 割车 left and right. That's me btw. And I reached class at 8 or maybe a minute later. And I said sorry teacher 2 times but the lecturer didn't respond. T.T I wasn't the latest also ma!!! After that she told us that she hates latecomers, and is very strict about attendance.

Conclusion is, I'm very nei4 jiu4 about being late and making my friends wait... And I dunno why I didn't hear all 3 alarms that I set. =(

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