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Monday, January 17, 2011

Normal Now ^^

After a lot of FB messaging and chatting and commenting-on-statuses~ and my bright smile (-_-||) every time I see her, we have finally warmed up and are like normal friends!!! :D Even though we don't really talk a lot, but we talk enough! ^^ And we are happy to see each other too, I can see it from her expression!!! ^^v yayy!!! Anyway I'm not much of a talker too, so it's very okay if we just diam a bit sometimes! :D yeshh I am happy!!! Even if we probably never will have heart-to-heart talks (she doesn't seem to need it and I am just so paiseh even to say "eii that guy very handsome hor!"), but we are still Normal Friends!!!! ^^v

Btw, I am never going to let her know that I have a blog lol if not I will be paiseh until 1 year no face to see her (#>_<#)~~~

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