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Saturday, January 22, 2011

I know I'm a coward, okay?

Whenever my blog posts are very obviously directed to someone, that's just bcoz I know that the person never reads my blog.
Whenever I scold someone very directly in my Facebook status, I actually customize the status settings so that everybody can view it except for the person zzz.
Whenever I see some lecturer coming from the opposite direction, I Still slip behind my friends. =.=
Whenever a small insect comes into my room, I can still spend a whole morning trying to get it out without touching it.
Whenever I go out from my room to fill my cup of Milo powder with hot water, I check first to see if anyone else is around. =.=|| coz I very paiseh ma, I never see anyone else going around with a cup. A Hello Kitty cup summore.
Whenever I view somebody-that-I'm-supposed-to-be-forgetting 's page, I always delete the history of that page from the computer after that.
Whenever I see a certain person walk past, I stare in the opposite direction very earnestly.
Whenever someone makes some sudden noise, I jump like I'm being electrocuted. ok maybe that's not really cowardice.

I'm not finished yet, actually.
But I'm too worried about the state of my face to continue. It's covered in numerous pimples that are redder than my lips. =(

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