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Friday, January 21, 2011


Actually hor I wanted to go on a diet (for cny!!!) de, but I just dun hv that 意志力 la. In fact, besides proper meals, I keep stuffing myself with biscuits + bread + milo. Why? Coz I am Bored. =O

It's not just that la. I feel very empty when I'm not eating, so I eat lo... =.=

Hi, 50 kg... I'm on the way!!!!!!!! I was extremely :O!!!! when my friend said that she was 50++kg and used to be 60++!!!!!!!! She looks slimmer than me lo!!! Though she is around 160 like that, a few cm taller than me la. But still..............

Yesterday Dawn said that I'm much skinnier...... But how come she said like that de?! My arms are still like that lo!!!! my watch never become looser also. and the size of my legs are still twice hers. =.= And I'm pretty sure that after the amount of biscuits that I've consumed, I am no longer 44.5 kg. T_T Which makes me around 45.5kg, which is pretty much the same as before I came here. =.=|| So, I guess she said that just bcoz she's never seen me in shorts b4, coz I wear knee-length ones at home that of course make me look fatter and stumpier.

Lalala. My feet's skin is really healing, but I think they've passed the sickness on to my face or something. =.= So many pimples and red spots...

Ok anyway. From now on. STOP EATING WHEN I'M NOT HUNGRY!!!!!!!!!!!

Self reminder: Whenever you feel bored, go out for a walk, get lost or whatever. Just don't eat.

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