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Sunday, January 23, 2011


I'm so glad that I went to Nilai CMC's Tertiary Youth Fellowship yesterday!!!
I didn't want to go at first, but Dawn told me to...
And when I was waiting at the bus stop for the first time, I was really scared and almost trembling, and I wanted soooooo much to just turn and go back to the hostel. I was so nervous!! I knew nobody there, and they all knew one another.
And I was sooooooo self-conscious coz my pimples were at their worst state...big and red and on all the most noticeable parts of my face, and the skin round them was red too... so I looked really ugly and weird. In fact I still do. =.=
When the gospel van came, it was worse... as it was already so packed and I seemed so extra... and another guy got down from the van and I felt as if it was all my fault...

But then, a really nice (and pretty) girl from the back asked me my name and asked if it was my first time...
Then when we reached the church, she took care of me, introduced a lot of people to me, told me a lot of things...was so friendly! Then when she had to go away to do other things, she passed me over to another girl, who was equally nice, plus very funny.
Then we went upstairs to have games. And I knew the other people's names from the game, which was the one that you call a person's name, and the 2 people beside the person stands up and says something, and then the called person calls another person, etc. And we all introduced ourselves at the beginning of the game too.

Then we had praise and worship. I really liked their praise and worship (today's one as well), even though sometimes the song leader / backup singers would go off tune, but... I dunno how to say it, every thing seemed so Real somehow. :O

After that, we had BBQ. And I really really liked + admired how all of them were so kind and friendly toward strangers (me). Plus I was at my paiseh-est and quietest at that time, coz of my pimples... =.=

So, all in all, I was totally ME last night (typical shy and paiseh and unwilling-to-talk me)... but they didn't seem to mind it...

And today, there was one song that I really liked.

And btw, the conclusion is I'm glad I went, if I didn't, I wouldn't have gotten to know so many people at the church. :D

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