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Sunday, January 2, 2011


I can't resist blogging now that I'm alone (which doesn't happen often nowadays).
I'm going to blog about the games that I'm playing lately. =.=
I hadn't played computer games for a long long time ady...until Gail came back for the hols and started playing them and influenced me. =.=|||
And now I spend most of my time either playing games or sleeping. -_-|| I've even given up the radio!!!

So basically the games that I play are:
Hoyle Board Games
~Reversi (I usually set the mode to Easy so that I can have the satisfication of winning=.=)
~Hangman (when I am extra bored)

Gamehouse Games Collection
~Nickelodeon Jigsaw (what!!! ppl bored ma!!!)
~Granny in Paradise (my favourite game once upon a time...I finished all the levels once with the help of Gail^^ It's about collecting all the kittens and growing flowers and planting the Bonus Flower and getting out of the Exit Flower. It gets more and more difficult lo! There are more and more Tiki Mans who try to kill u, and when u move higher and higher, u'll find out that actually Tiki Mans are quite harmless coz after that u'll have Dr Miaows and Gorillas. T.T And lava.)
~Insaniquarium Deluxe (I finished that once too!!! Basically it's just feeding fish and collecting coins and spending coins on more fish or what they eat and shooting aliens who try to eat all ur fish. And trying not to let any fish starve to death coz they make the horriblest sound imaginable that sends me into a frenzy when they die. And the main point of each level is to earn enough money to buy all three parts of ur egg and to crack it open to get to the useful pet inside to move on to the next level)
~Magic Ball (pinball with a wonderful environment)

Oh. So that's about it. I had no idea there were so few T.T sorry for the boringness!!!

So I'll just blog about random things!!!
A minute ago, I just realized that my msn name was Mable Lee how can this be!!!! I want back the old msn!!!
Then, I changed the About Me section on my blog^^
And I wanna say, actually I follow many ppl's blogs de juz that I put anonymous only so dun b angry la har if u dun c my name on ur list of followers!!! (that is, if u still hvn grown out of checking ur list of followers =.= I grew out of the longgggg ago *smug face)

I also wanna confess that recently I am REALLY lazy to reply sms-es alrd!!!!!!!
Every time an sms comes I will think HAIZZZZZZZ WHO IS THIS AGAIN and it turns out to be the same person again and again and Again!!!!!!!!
Once upon a time I used to smile every time I read the person's sms-es coz I was crushing on that person =.=
But even at that time I also play 吊价 and never replied him after he said that he thought it was time to sleep or he wanted to go out to eat or something. I didn't want to b the last person lo bcoz.
Now hor. I shuang3 jiu4 reply him. Not shuang3 jiu4 never reply him. I just stop in the middle of sms-es coz I want to play games. =.=|||
And when he sms-ed me merry christmas n happy new year in the middle of the night, I pretended to be asleep. =.=||
I feel so mean lo seriously.
Not that his sms content is getting boringer or anything like that.
I dunno what's happening to me. Sometimes I really feel quite bad about it de. But I am just so lazy to reply -_-|||

Talking about sms. I really NEVER reply somebody's sms now. IRRITATING!!!! HIS STYLE OF TYPING SO IRRITATING!!!! HIS CONTENT SO IRRITATING!!!! AND HE HAD THE AUDACITY (fine I dunno the meaning of this word but pls allow me to sound impressive!!) TO SEND ME A WRONG MESSAGE ON NEW YEAR MORNING!!!! That is, midnight yesterday la. Something about another girl called 依玲...told me to 好好珍惜她 or something like that. =.=||| And he never realized that he sent the wrong message coz I didn't reply him and he didn't say sorry or anything like that. Either he never realized or he's just plain rude la. WEI!!! MIDNIGHT!!! U SEND A STUPID MESSAGE LIKE THAT FOR WHAT!!! Ppl alrd dislike u like this liao!!! U still want to irritate me further!!!!! (*ignores shocked and hurt look on his face if he happens to view this even though he 98% won't)

Btw I super hate the chinese thing on this computer la, all I can see are squares...I have to press the number and have the word come out b4 I can see the character itself. =.= So I resolved to typing online.

Erm...what else to blog about har...what else what else...... b4 church I went to have a few more holes punched in my new watch...and to my delight it was for free!!! Ok la actually I didn't feel delighted, just mildly surprised. =.=
Btw. My old watch hor...the pink one in one of the previous broken. T.T The part that's broken is the stick-like thing that you use to push into the holes on the strap. Broken!!!! I picked the watch up and it just fell off. T.T WEI!! But actually I'm kinda relieved la coz the watch really doesn't suit my skin colour very much anyway, and the sides (hard to explain) are sooooooo LOOSE...thx to Someone =.= tqvm har!!! but u did that friendlyly so I won't blame u la.

K now not alone anymore. bye

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