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Friday, December 10, 2010

the younger me

This post is going to be about Mable's Dreamhouse.
I know that it's called Mable's Diary now, but that's what it was called 3 years ago.
I just want to say hor, I was such an INNOCENT 14-year-old! Erm until the time that I started to fx la anyway, Then my posts were all very bian-tai-ly about a him.

I was really very innocent and quite silly.
I mean, I actually blogged about My sister's handphone, which btw became my handphone for a year until I got the new one last month.
Oh now I know why all my posts so childish liao, it's bcoz of all the emoticons which Blogger doesn't provide but Msn does.

And btw this was my first ever blog post. And the design talked about in the comments is Not this current one was blue and yellow with a lot of clouds. I wished I hadn't changed the design...somehow it seems more suitable to my innocent self 3 years ago!

And this awful morning, I actually blogged about watching Tv and having dinner and doing homework. =.=??

It's the same here. Blogging about eating prawn crackers and playing piano and eating a mandarin!!! And btw the ice-cream concept that I blogged about in this post, still stands. =.= again... and complaining about Dawn's typing lol...

And about Dawn getting her hair cut...

Gail, faster apologize for being so noisy!!! hahaha...anyway I don't have to count the timing when I play the piano now, and you don't wear slippers now, so all's well ^^

And the dreams that I used to dream!!! See here, this is my Big Bad Dream!! and X is zc btw, hahaha!! I cried juz bcoz I dreamt that someone dropped shit on Anna Doll hahaha!!!! ok la if it really happened I would definitely cry too so I won't laugh. ahem. *serious face

And I blogged about EATING MEE???????

Oh...and the memorable time when I got sunburnt during Hari Sukan...

And my first choir competition in secondary school...

And happily getting my first gsoft 5566 pen~ coz I had been using fading kilometricos for more than a year and I still wasn't buying my own stationary at that time... in fact at that time, using my pocket money felt like some great sin so I never used it except for offering and occasional donating... =.=

And wanting to be Grade 4 when I was about to sit for my Performer's exam... but this post I can totally ti3 liang4!! I can still feel the stress and the impatience at that time!!!

Blogging about my toys... Baby Jack, xiaomeimei = me, small Baby Jack, Bunny (she's actually a keychain lol but she sleeps on my bed and is my son's wife), Steppy (the pencil case that sleeps on my bed and is now my son's stepmother @_@), Anna Doll, ZhuZhu, and Pink Bear. Oh and Didi, who belongs to Gail and whom I haven't seen for a century liao. But I don't really miss him  lol.

And I don't mind confessing that I was actually very happy with my results this time, even though I pretended not to be in my post. =.=

And the not nice thing, was actually the guy I liked + his gf. =.=!?!

And, according to here and here, I watched cartoons. Every Saturday morning, I would get up at 8 or something JUST TO WATCH CARTOONS. =.=!!!!!! I can't remember why I stopped watching them though. Oh btw I do now, it was bcoz the time that the phone call came to tell us that Mummy was dying, I was in the middle of a cartoon...Totally Spies if I'm not wrong!!! and somehow I didn't feel like watching cartoons for weeks after that...and then when I'd gotten over the crying period and all, the habit had just worn off. So I grew up! :D

Oh and that time, I still missed my birthdays and looked forward to them.

Pre-piano-exam time...

And the first time I fell down in school and hurt both my elbows and mummy came to fetch me home to dress the wounds and sent me back to school after that and my classmates said they thought I was in the hospital. =.=??!! The scars can still be seen, but not very clearly! Coz they were really deep at that time. And the moment that I fell down, the only place that really hurt was my front, tummy and all! I thought it would be scratched to bits, but dunno why when I looked at it later it was perfectly normal. =.= And I still remember that the walk to the Bilik Guru was extremely long and I kept feeling that I wanted to just lie down on the floor and faint. Dunno if it's bcoz of my blood loss...but it can't be! So it must be bcoz I saw my own blood. You must think that me, with my awful skin, should be used to seeing blood all day...but scratching myself and seeing my blood, and falling down and seeing my blood, is totally different!!

After that I grew up liao. And there's some other very very fx and bian tai posts that I didn't link up here, you can view them yourself if you want to. :)

Erm and this is my Friendster Blog. It's more like me, I mean the me Now. Except that it's more about What I Did instead of What I Thought. And obviously it's much more interesting (except for the design maybe), coz people would always want to read stories more than endless ranting. And the blog name was also changed fact I've never blogged there since I changed it. =.= Before that I think it was something like My Heart Speaks. Not far from this one right!!! The first name for THIS blog was My Stethoscope btw, and I still admire my ability to think of such a wonderful name like that and I wonder why I changed it and I'm too paiseh to change it back now. No la actually I'm too lazy.

So what I want to say is, the fourteen-year-old me was really so innocent!!!
Erm did I say something like that just now...? dun care la...
But really!!! In fact my life just seemed to revolve around my sisters and what I ate. =.=!

And hor the Friendster Blog!! I deleted a lot of the posts in a temper, that time I found out that the guy I liked liked another girl, and still likes her now and is her boyfriend now. =.=|| And the Only post that TT ever commented on hor, I deleted it!!!! coz it was about that guy. :( regret la! That time I was completely crazy about said guy!!! I used to keep all his emails in a special folder labeled "from him^^" if I'm not mistaken. And that time when I forwarded an email about telling all your details by answering questions (like the notes they have on fb), and he replied me, I actually printed it out. What a waste of ink. =.= And my diary was obviously overflowing with him. And the time when I knew, I tore out all the pages that contained him, deleted the folder, and deleted all the blog posts to do with him. =.=|||| stupid!!!!

But actually I haven't grown out of the email thing yet la. I still keep all the "XXX commented on your status". So if you view my hotmail inbox you will SOO know who I like. But hor now, even though I don't like the XXX anymore, I still keep the "XXX commented on your status" emails! And the fresh ones too. Coz it's like...I'm like a girl who's grown out of collecting stamps but still keep them for remembrance, and add new ones to the collection just for the sake of man3 zu2 gan3 and habit. And now, bcoz of another person, it's no longer all "XXX commented on your status", "XXX commented on your status", "XXX commented on your status", "XXX commented on your status", "XXX commented on your status", "XXX commented on your status"................but "XXX commented on your status", "XXX commented on your status", "ZZ commented on your status", "XXX commented on your status"...and so on. @.@ I dunno why I'm doing this. I dunno whether I like ZZ or not. I'm just doing this maybe bcoz I'm afraid that I Do like him and if I don't collect his comments I'll regret in the future.

But I didn't start this post to talk about who I like!!!! >< ok la stop here, late alrd! nitez

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