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Saturday, December 11, 2010


Btw I meant to blog about this b4~ juz forgotten~
The Chinese teacher hor, one of the invigilators that I mentioned in a previous post hor, the one that I originally didn't like bcoz of her face and after that liked hor~~~ she's actually my neighbour!!!!
Well, strictly speaking...dunno can call a neighbour or not la, but her house is right opposite mine, even though it's facing another direction~

I didn't know this at all de, juz that when my dad sent me to school, he saw her and he told me, baru I know...

You must be thinking, how come this girl so sot de, sendiri punya neighbour pun tak kenal!!
That's bcoz I haven't seen her for a long long long time liao la...

Her father and mother I know is who, coz I see them quite often and her father is good friends with my father, always come over de, impossible not to recognize~
But the children hor (she's the eldest and the youngest is older than me)~ I really dunno how they look like lo!

The last time I saw them, I was still very young~ dunno enter liao primary school or not!
That time we (family) went over to their house for dunno what reason, dunno cny or what la~
Then all the grownups (and maybe my sisters) were sitting in the living room lo~ and me too~

Then I dunno why, too boring or what, I sendiri got up and went past a room...and the children were all inside the room playing masak-masak or whatever they were playing...then I was standing outside, and they all looked up and saw me, and they all said "mama mama"! And I stared at them, and they said "mama mama" again. And I ran away.


Erm, so anyway that's the last I saw of them.

And I think she didn't recognize me at first either, but then when the teachers checked our ICs for the first time, on the first day, she stared at mine for a long time. Maybe she saw the address gua.

So that's the end of this very silly post. bye

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