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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

last day of spm

It's OVER.
SPM is officially Over.
Actually (for me), it was already over on Wednesday when we finished our Bio exam haha coz after that I started onlining like mad, langsung dun look like I still have one more Chinese exam!

But now, it's really really over!!!!
And even though I'm typing with exclamation marks!!! I'm not really excited. =.= In fact I'm very calm.

So anyway, about today...the Paper 2 will kill me as usual...especially the 文言文...I only understood a few sentences...seriously dunno why the people long ago need to talk like that... =.=!! hate them lo!!

And then I wanna say my mission (the one on fb) is unaccomplished. T.T

Then, Paper 1...when I saw the essay questions in Part 2, I was just horrified...

All so Difficult man...

In the end I chose the peribahasa one (for the first time!!!!), and wrote four pages. =.= (it's long, for me.) Actually my mind was totally a blank for about half an hour, I was just thinking and thinking and thinking about which one to write, which one to choose...

Then I gave up coz I was running out of time, and 边写边想 the end, the ending was so special that I am still admiring myself for being able to think of it!!!!! (*zilian look) Really, I never wrote such a special ending b4!!! ^^ So I hope it will make up for the earlier part of the essay, coz that time I dunno what's the ending so I just simply "o" things it was very messy xia... :(

Then, I want to say hor, it's queer...last time in PMR, I wrote about how I wanted to enter a piano competition and practised and practised and practised...and I even made a song name up myself..."Dancing Snowflakes" or something like that... =.= And this time in SPM I wrote about how I hated piano but everybody thought I liked it, but actually I was interested in something else. =.=||


OH YA!! I forgot to mention the Main Point of this blog post...
that is, I received a belated bday present from Sarah!!!!!!!

(the pink thing Is in the book itself, in the 47th page, I haven't taken it out yet)

But seriously!!!! It is JUST what I need!!!! I want to lose fat + I am too lazy to exercise = this book and the pink thing.

SO happy lo!!! And there was a looong letter from Sarah too! ^^ happy happy!! :D

I have lots of other things to blog about but I guess I'll leave them till later...

Oh, and the durian flowers are falling!!

I don't really like this year's...they don't look very nice... :S

anyway byeee I'll blog later if I have the mood! :D

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